Wein Editor-in-Chief of Bloodfire

I hadn’t even heard of Bloodfire Studios until I read Diary of Night recently, and here they are making a major staff announcement: Their new Editor-in-Chief will be Len Wein. [All quotes are from their press release.]

Wein will be an integral part of BloodFire Studios’ 2009 expansion of its comics line, as well as leading the new Advisory Board to help push the creative edge of the company’s new projects and existing titles. … [Dennis] Greenhill, who will be taking up a new executive position within the company after 10 years as Editor-in-Chief of BloodFire Studios, had this to say, “This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to learn from a legend. BloodFire Studios has always been on the cutting edge of the industry, but there are certain limitations that are difficult for small companies to overcome. Len has an insight and experience that will take BloodFire Studios to the next level.”

Remains to be seen whether they’re hiring a name to get attention, or whether he’ll have real input. They certainly hope, from this listing of his credits, to play up his legendary status.

Len Wein is one of those rare people who truly embodies the word legend. Not only has he previously served as Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, Top Cow Comics, Disney Comics and been a senior editor at DC Comics, Wein has also created some of the industry’s most iconic characters, including Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, Thunderbird, the Human Target, and, most notably, Swamp Thing and Wolverine. He has won numerous industry awards, including two Shazam awards for writing and the Comic Buyers Guide Award for Best Editor. He has also been nominated for two additional Shazam awards, a Bram Stoker Award, and is currently nominated for the 2008 Hall of Fame Eisner Award. He has also received Emmy honors for his work on Batman: the Animated Series. Wein will now bring his 40 years of experience and amazing creativity to BloodFire Studios.

That’s quite impressive, although I would think that some of that should be “co-created”. And here’s an explanation of how Bloodfire has lasted so long without being very well-known: they’re selling to people other than us.

BloodFire Studios has been a leading publisher of independent comics for ten years. Their innovative stories and award-winning artists are only surpassed by their unorthodox marketing. BFS has been an industry leader in marketing their comics outside of the usual comic distribution networks, exploring such venues as car shows, movie premieres, night clubs, art festivals, and street fairs as well as comic conventions and countless in-store signings. Coupled with their early adoption of the Internet as a sales tool, BFS has managed to reach incredibly high circulations on some of their titles.

Yeah, I’ll believe “incredibly high” when I see hard numbers. Best of luck to Wein and BloodFire.

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  1. Lee Kohse Says:

    Thanks for voicing concern about Len taking the post of EiC at BloodFire Studios. Len is definately coming to BFS to have creative input. Len will be strengthening our writing and he will be a major contributor to the creative direction we take.

    As for our circulations, several of our titles have circulations of 40,000+. We self distribute internationally, on our website, and we sell to anyone that buys our books and we will sell almost anywhere someone will let us set up a table. BFS sells a lot of books because we are aggressive and hands on.

    We have distributed through Diamond for 6 years now so we do sell books to comic stores. Whether they take a chance on an indy book is another thing.

    If you are at Comic Con stop by and chat. We are always happy to answer questions.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I am VERY impressed that you address questions so quickly and straightforwardly. And even more kudos for putting out some idea of the range of numbers you’re talking about. I won’t be at San Diego, but I hope others will stop by and check you out.

  3. Lee Kohse Says:

    Thank you. We tend to do things our own way since we approach comics from the creative side and not the marketing/business side. It makes it hard to break into stores so we found other ways to sell our books. If you ever have any questions you can send me an email. Take care.

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  5. Kiel Phegley Says:

    Nice grab for Bloodfire, Lee!




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