Nana 2 Out on DVD Next Week

Oooooh…. I liked the first one, so I’m there for this.

NANA 2 debuts on DVD on July 29, with an estimated retail price of $24.98. In support of the release, VIZ Pictures is holding a special NANA 2 poster giveaway promotion. Fans are encouraged to visit the film’s dedicated official website at and enter the contest before August 20 for a chance to win a full-color poster featuring the cast of the film. Ten random winners will be selected.

NANA 2 continues to follow the highs and lows of two young beautiful women both named Nana. While they share the same name, they couldn’t be more different. After meeting randomly on a commuter train, becoming close friends, and moving in together in the first film, NANA 2 focuses greatly on Nana “Hachi” Komatsu (played this time by Yui Ichikawa), who has become trapped in a love triangle with Takumi Ichinose, the bass player of her favorite band TRAPNEST, and Nobu, the handsome guitarist of The Black Stones. Things become really sticky because The Black Stones are fronted by the other Nana — Nana Osaki (Mika Nakashima), who continues to struggle to find musical success while she continues to harbor a secret relationship with TRAPNEST’s guitarist Ren, who was The Black Stones’ original bass player.

J-pop icon Mika Nakashima reprises her role as the punk rock beauty Nana Osaki and continues to develop that character’s conflicted emotions and hard exterior but sensitive inner self. Actress and model Yui Ichikawa is freshly cast as Nana Komatsu and adds a new dimension to the characters from the extremely popular shojo manga, which has become a social phenomenon in Japan. The film was directed by Kentaro Otani, who also directed the original NANA, with the original theme song produced by Takuro from the popular J-rock band GLAY.

Interesting, that they’ve recast the naive one. That might work — her role seems the simpler one of the two.


  1. *cough* Actually, the switch pretty much worked against the movie. Actingwise, the old Hachi beats the new Hachi by a mile, and in the 2nd movie, Hachi becomes more complex, and the dramatic acting has to match that. Like I said… it didn’t work out. Not only that, the new Hachi didn’t even do sufficiently the “naive” side. It became annoying, because it was so one dimensional.

  2. Oh, dear. Sorry to hear that.

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