Wall*E Comics! And Other Pixar Titles

Pixar Boom! Sampler cover

Boom! Studios moves into family-friendly licensing in a big way with today’s announcement that they will be putting out Pixar comics. I’m excited! I love those characters, and I’m sure many other people do too.

Boom! Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid will write The Incredibles (and can you think of a better choice?) with a cover by Darwyn Cooke. Additional comics will feature characters from Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Cars, and Wall*E.

Waid was quoted as saying that this was Boom! making “comics for kids again!” That’s a laudable goal — but I hope these are truly all ages books, with something for the adult reader, too, because that’s what makes the Pixar films so great.

Pictured is a special sneak preview book available at the San Diego convention.

2 Responses to “Wall*E Comics! And Other Pixar Titles”

  1. Jer Says:

    If they’re truly going to be successful, they will pretty much need to be “all ages books” rather than “kiddie books”. Most kids can tell when you’re talking down to them and they tend to reject it.

    That’s why the Harry Potter books did so well. In addition to having a cute fantasy that kids could get wrapped up in, Rowling was smart enough not to talk down to the kids. That meant that the books not only appealed to adults as well as their target audience, but also that the kids could “grow up” with the books and not feel like they had to reject them as “for babies” as they became teenagers.

  2. Bill D. Says:

    Apparently they’ll also be releasing the Muppet Show comics Roger Langridge was originally going to do for Disney Adventures.

    Which is very good news, indeed.




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