Lego Batman Game SO CUUUUUUTE

Now that I’ve gotten used to the Sports and the Play and the Fit on my Wii, it’s time for me to wander into platform adventures. And what better to start with than Lego Batman, due out in September. It’s two brands in one!

Lego Batman

Look! They even have Nightwing! (With really big sticks! No Batgirl, though.) And the little Lego people characters are so cute. Although I’m really confused how they managed to make the little Lego person Catwoman swing her hips like that. Ah, the wonders of computer animation.

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  1. Justin Says:

    I think it’s would a safe bet that Batgirl will be there. The fun of the Lego games is the insane amount of playable characters. Lego Indiana Jones, for instance, has 108 different playable characters (though some are different in a variant character sense). I am super excited for this game!

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, cool! All I know about the games are what I learned at Zero Punctuation — so funny! I hope I can be Batgirl!

  3. Rob Says:

    The Lego Star Wars games followed the plots of the movies, so the first time you played through a level you needed to use the chatacter(s) that were in those scenes in the movies. When you re-enter the level (and you almost always need to take at least two runs through to gather up all the goodies that let you unlock more characters and abilities) would let you chose any character you’ve already unlocked.

    Lego hasn’t made any sets with Batgirl in them, but the Star Wars games include characters that never made it into an official set, so that’s not necessarily a problem. On the other hand, she doesn’t appear in that promotional shot. On the *other* other hand, neiter do the Penguin or the Joker, and they’re two of Batman’s most recognizable villains. I guess we’ll have to wait and see….

  4. David Oakes Says:

    Thanks to SDCC, I can personally confirm that the Joker, Harley, Riddler, and Mr. Freeze are playable characters. The ads also include Two-Face and Scarecrow animation.

    Given that the first toy in the line was Killer Croc, I half expect to be able to play Crazy Quilt and even the Bete Kane Bat-Girl. Saddly, at the intersection of Comics and Games, I will also not be surprised if Catwoman is the only female out of 100+ characters. Fingers crossed.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Oh, I made that image (using one of the promo site features), so don’t read too much into it. Batgirl wasn’t in the set of images I could choose from. That’s neat to know about the SW version.

  6. Justin Says:

    Yeah, what Rob mentioned about actually playing through twice, has been the most fun for me. I got Indy for my six year old, thinking at least when he got bored with it, I might get a kick out of it as well.

    It is fun for him to explore. And Lego makes it all funny and cute. So he very much enjoys it on that level. And is pretty good at it.

    Meanwhile, I enjoy the challenge of the replay, the trinkets you can gather, all the bonus stuff. The Lego games (and I guess have only played DS versions) really have been a lot of fun.

  7. Robert O'sullivan Says:

    Lego bat girl is playable I saw her on a Man Bat screen. She wears blue and yellow.look at the one with all the cops in the fairground and you will see her

  8. Rob Says:


    (via the Beat)

  9. odessa steps magazine Says:

    I would rather have seen LEGO Oracle. :>

  10. Rob Says:

    I wouldn’t be shocked if Oracle’s in there as well–the Lego Star Wars games had a number of “Easter Egg” characters that had no real utility in the game but were still fun to play around with.

  11. odessa steps magazine Says:

    now out.

    so far, so good.

    And I’m very happy to see a certain C-level Silver Age villain in the game.

  12. David Oakes Says:

    Not only can you play Bat-Girl, but you can also play Freeze Girl!

    That’s what I said, *Freeze Girl*.


  13. Johanna Says:

    I was hoping I’d come across some reviews of it, but I haven’t stumbled into any yet. Glad to hear it’s good.

  14. odessa steps magazine Says:

    I’ll have some kind of article on the Beat soon, but maybe not until after Balt this weekend.

  15. brandon dunlap Says:

    lego batman looks fantasticly awsome i cant wait to play it on my b-day next month.batgirl looks so terrific nice costume i wonder why they dident use cassie cain but all well.

  16. brandon dunlap Says:





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