Circuit City Bans Mad Magazine

According to the Consumerist, “Circuit City headquarters has ordered their stores to ‘destroy all copies’ of the latest issue of Mad Magazine” because of a four-page parody of the electronics chain, which Mad has renamed “Sucker City”.

Who knew Circuit City carried Mad?

Update: And I forgot to mention that this is always the wrong reaction to being made fun of – attempts to ban something only draw more attention to it.

Update 2: Circuit City PR guy apologizes, says the mags are going back on sale at the 40 out of 700 stores in their company that sell magazines. He also offers to send the magazine editor a gift card, nice gesture.

6 Responses to “Circuit City Bans Mad Magazine”

  1. chris w. Says:

    They carry the Absolutely MAD Magazine DVD-ROM set.

  2. Blog@Newsarama » Blog Archive » Circuit City pulls MAD Magazine from shelves Says:

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  3. James Moar Says:

    Well, there’s a proportionate response that won’t generate any fresh satirical material.

  4. David Oakes Says:

    Yeah. My first thought was “Does CC own stock in MAD?” Because this is sure to generate a *lot* of free publicity.

  5. Alan Coil Says:

    Free publicity AND higher sales. Any torn up book is unreturnable—unless they stripped the cover off first.

  6. odessa steps Says:

    Any sales lost at circuit city should be made up by sales at best buy. :)




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