Girl-Wonder.Org Now Hosting Webcomics

“Feminist fan organisation” (as they describe themselves) is looking for webcomic submissions from women. Press release excerpts follow:

We’re looking for webcomics created by women or teams that include women, and we offer space, tech and publicity support, and a sub-forum devoted to your work on our thriving forums.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the genre, setting or sexual content of your work … and work previously published in other venues (in part or in whole) is welcome, providing you possess the rights to re-distribute it. Your work need not explicitly promote feminist ideology. However, we envisage that it won’t be explicitly anti-feminist or otherwise contrary to’s aims.

To find out more, email Karen Healey. Given the superhero bent of the group, I’m curious to see what kinds of submissions they eventually select. This might be a good way for a female webcomic creator to get more attention for their work from a sympathetic audience.

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