Middleman Contest: Win a T-Shirt!
August 11, 2008

You should know by now that I love The Middleman TV show. It’s been consistently entertaining, imaginative, and funny.

Red Middleman t-shirts

Now, with the generous cooperation of the fine folks behind the Middleman online store, I have eight t-shirts from the show to give away! That’s two of each style — the men’s come in blue or black, while the women’s are white or red.

To enter this contest, simply post a comment here by Saturday, August 16. (It would also be nice if you tried out the show and let me know what you thought of it, but it’s not mandatory. But I think you’d like it!) I will randomly select the winners and contact them by email to get mailing addresses and preferred sizes and colors. I’ll announce the winners on Monday, August 18 (a week from today).

Visit the Middleman online store to see more information about the products. And be sure to watch tonight’s episode on ABC Family, airing in about an hour! Kevin Sorbo (who played Hercules) guest-stars as a cryogenically frozen former Middleman! You can also see the show online at the ABC site or buy episodes on iTunes.

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Nat Gertler writes:  

Me, I like the show. Not love it, not can’t-miss-it, but it’s on the DVR list and it’s something that I can watch comfortably at some point during the work without fretting if I miss something.

I recommended it to someone the other night on the basis of their liking the series Chuck. Not that their the same, but they’re non-serious in the same sort of way. (Then it turned out that Middleman is not yet airing in England, where they’re based.)

Bill writes:  

My wife and I watched the first episode and thought it was OK. It was funny, but for some reason didn’t quite gel with us. Then I read your post about how you love it, and praise on another site, and decided to watch the remainder of the few shows collected on Tivo before giving up. After the third episode I was hooked. My wife would watch reluctantly, but still wasn’t too into it. Then last night, we were deciding what to watch and she says “how about Middleman?” to which I reply, “I thought you didn’t like that show” “Well, it’s grown on me”

So now we both like it. I like it more, what with all the geek jokes (and the line about the photogenic roomates cracks me up every time), but we both hope it returns next year.

Boy-band alien overlords = awesome

David Oakes writes:  

Middleman and Mythbusters are the only current shows (since Dr Who’s “vacation”) that I can be bothered to remember what day they are on.

And Middleman is the only one I remember what time it is on. (OK, not as impressive with Discovery’s policy of repeats. But still.)

Sean Kennedy writes:  

I watch every episode of MIDDLEMAN, since I can use the DVR to record them. Picked up the first 2 books whenever they came out and enjoyed them. I may get the new collection and re-gift the other books to friends or family. I can’t remember where I first heard of the show, I don’t keep up with TV a whole lot. Possibly on this blog?

Anyway, I’m digging it and now have a crush on Natalie Morales.

James Schee writes:  

I’m home and I’m remembering the show, so this will be my first ep!

Rob Spencer writes:  

I described it as X-Files-meets-Chuck to someone, but Chuck isn’t well-known enough yet, so I had to fall back on Get Smart. This is one of those shows that isn’t always perfect, but there’s always something to really like in each episode. And you can see the actors and writers going for it. It’s kind of a spiritual successor to Buffy in a lot of ways.

John Quiring writes:  

I love The Middleman too. It’s fun stuff and I’m trying to get the word out on it too. I haven’t read any of the comics yet but I’ve got the trade paperback complete collection on order.

Lauren writes:  

Never watched it, but I really want to, I just need to get ahold of DVDs!

Aditya Bidikar writes:  

I LOVED the comic, so I tried the tv show. And while I did like the show a lot, I think the execution leaves a bit to be desired. My only real complaint is that the production doesn’t keep up with the ideas, and this results in the show being a bit camp in some wrong ways, along with the right ones. This isn’t a problem in the comic, where the artist’s talent (which, in this case, is prodigious) is the only thing limiting the production. If the show doesn’t get renewed, they should try an animated version, where they can REALLY go loony.

Alicia writes:  

I love the Middleman! Thanks for promoting it! I’m so worried it will get cancelled when it’s one of the few shows I make an effort to watch.

Paul writes:  

Great, just what I needed, another reason to feel bad for not having cable… but I can still check out the comics. Thanks for the tip.

Ed Sizemore writes:  

I don’t want a t-shirt. (They don’t have my size anyways.) I just want to again express my love for this series. I’ve already emailed ABC Family to beg them for a second season.

Chris Collins writes:  

My wife and I just watched it together last night’s (kevin sorbo) ep. It was certainly delightful. And now I’m thinking I need to get the comic. So yay for exposure via electronic media.

Chris Collins

Dave writes:  

When I heard about the show online, I purchased the first paperback comic book collection. I absolutely loved the book (I’ve since purchased the other two), so I went to iTunes and purchased the first 5 epiosodes.

After watching them, I wished there were more to watch! Since then, I’ve been back to purchase each new episode as it’s posted They’re available each Tuesday – the day after they originally aired on ABC Family.

Thank you for your efforts to build interst in the show.

The Deacon writes:  

I haven’t checked it out yet, but I’ve heard so much that I guess I’ll have to.

Matt D writes:  

We love the Middleman quite a bit. In fact, I constantly kick myself for not getting the TPBs yet, as I was a big fan of the Super-Skrull mini too. I will. I swear I will, soon.

Now getting the license plate cover from that the store is another story. If only it wasn’t $40.

It’s a show that’s just too good for TV.

Dave writes:  

I just finished watching last night’s episode with Kevin Sorbo. In my opinion, this was one of the best in the series. It has a great story, good character interaction/development, and the customary humor.

By the way, the middleblog (http://themiddleblog.livejournal.com/) contains a guide to all the references for this episode.

Shaun Huston writes:  

My wife, Anne-Marie, and I, have been watching it since the first episode. We recently got the chance to turn our 12-year old nephew onto it; why he hadn’t seen it before, I’m not sure. The characters are smartly written and acted. It makes me think about the flaws in Reaper, with which the Middleman shares a pop sensibility, an interest in weird phenomena, and low rent production values. Unlike Reaper, The Middleman has given itself an open-ended storyworld, allowing it to freely mix aliens with zombies and so on. Reaper implies a tightly constructed metanarrative that I’m not sure the creators quite have down. I was struck by how well the more poignant moments have worked on The Middleman as compared to Reaper, which really did not earn its serious turn in the first season finale (am still looking forward to season two, though. Despite its flaws, it still makes me laugh a lot, but The Middleman does that, too, and with more verve).

Nat Gertler writes:  

“They’re available each Tuesday – the day after they originally aired on ABC Family.”

I’m not sure what the regularity is of it, but at the moment there are two full episodes (7 and 8) available for free viewing on Hulu.com.

John writes:  

The show has a lot of potential, although in my opinion it hasn’t quite found its voice yet.

One question about last night’s episode, though? When the three of them came out of the water, Wendy asks why the two guys are wearing wet suits, while she was in a bikini. (I think there was a James Bond reference there, but I had the sound too low)

Can someone tell me what their reply was?

Cheers, JOHN :0)

Dave writes:  


The episode I just downloaded and watched is #9 (“The Obsolescent Cryogenic Meltdown”). I pay $1.99 per episode. I think the episodes are worth this fee – if only for the multiple viewing.



I don’t remember the reference regarding the bikini. I must have missed it – it’s easy to do with the pace of this show – which is one of its charms. I thought the two men just grinned at her.

David Oakes writes:  

From memory (though I am sure it will be fully annotated any second now, like anything else on the web):

Wendy: “Can you tell me why you guys are both in wetsuits, while I am in this Honey Ryder Thunderball nightmare?”

69: “Honey Ryder was from Dr. No.”

Then the guys smile and Wendy rolls her eyes.

Dave writes:  


Thanks for the info. Now, I remember the dialogue.

AndreZero writes:  

It took me a few episodes to get used to the changes from the comics but I’m really liking it now. I think the Middleman has a bit too much of a baby-face compared to the comics.

John writes:  

Dave and David,
Cheers, and thanks for the info!
JOHN ;0)

Jim Kosmicki writes:  

I bought the original books (I will usually try most anything from Viper Comics)and have been pushing them onto friends for a while now. When I heard there was to be a show, I worried about the tone carrying over. But the show is wonderful. And it is a family show, at least for my weird, wonderful family. It’s one of the few shows that all four of us (mom, dad and 2 boys 15 and 12)watch together. My kids enjoy the goofiness, my wife enjoys the personal interactions, and I really, really enjoy the nerd bits that get thrown in. My family has gotten used to asking me what their cover-names refer to, as well as why I’m laughing at an otherwise not funny piece of dialogue.

This isn’t an easy show to sell — as several people have already mentioned, it takes multiple episodes for most folks to “get” what the show is trying for. I’ve read a lot of online comments comparing it to the camp of the 60’s Batman show, and those are apt comparisons. However, where the camp Batman was easily “gotten” by the general audience, and then easily “gotten over” and dismissed, The Middleman’s approach sneaks up on you. Nozer is an odd character the first time you meet him. But after two or three episodes, you watch for his part in each episode. “Yeah, I can play that.”

There’s a depth and mythology to this show that people aren’t used to. These characters had lives before the show, and outside the show. I just hope that some channel is willing to show THIS program on repeats on a regular basis, to get people to experience it and let the reputation grow. not everything can be a hit right out of the gate, and those that can grow their audience will KEEP that audience, rather than shed them as the hype wears off.

theresa writes:  

Love the show.. i have seen every episode. it’s a combo of many things i love including 60’s batman..

Nathan writes:  

Glad that this show was brought to my attention a few weeks ago. It’s probably the only thing that I’ve made an effort to watch in the past 6 months.

Johanna writes:  

I’m glad to hear everyone’s enjoying it! Due to an aging TiVo, I haven’t been able to watch the latest episode yet… and I’m really looking forward to it! Some great analysis Shaun and Jim have, too — gave me some things to think about.

Wide-Ranging LinkBlogging » Comics Worth Reading writes:  

[…] the Middleman contest yet? If you want to try the comic as well as the TV show, there will soon be a collection of […]

Emilio Dominguez writes:  

I saw the 1st 2 episodes and loved it immediately. Then I moved about 200 miles and opted for apple tv(via iTunes), instead of cable.
I am (have been) planning to get the whole series, but have not seen any other episodes yet (mostly due to time issues).

Sounds cool that they’ll have a cryogenically frozen former middleman in the story. Plus it’ll be interesting to see the role played by Kevin Sorbo.

Adam Arnold writes:  

Middleman has become like a beacon of TV goodness for me during this torturously empty summer of, well, nothing. While I’ll admit that episode one was a little rough, it had a charm to it that made me want to tune in the next week…not to mention all the overt and subtle geek refs that permeate each episode. And week after week, Middleman is the show that I have to tune into to see what craziness’ll happen in Wendy Watson’s life next.

Alan writes:  

It’s a great show and it needs to have a second season and more!!!

I need to find some Luftwaffles and PanzerCakes to munch on…

Brooke writes:  

Middleman is great!! Please let this show get another season!!

Stu Shiffman writes:  

I love the Middleman in all its goofy referential glory — that part of me that loved (and was even a little embarrassed by) the Adam West Batman show is sated: holy in-joke, Batman! I think that Natalie and Brit are wonderful and sexy and yet show very intelligent active women, and all the rest of the funky characters are a delight. Now I’ve got my sweetie and friends hooked too!

Flowers of Algernon, Dubby!




Andi writes:  

I’m really a tv snob and i RACE to watch this show. My sweetie and i have been in giggles every week trying to catch whatever references we can (Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott anyone?) along with the Middleman’s hysterical exclamations which we’ve been incorporating into everyday stuff.
Okay, but did anyone catch the continuity goof when Dub-dub WAS in her Honey Rider outfit and then suddenly was in black?
The only show I’ve been interested in in the past year was “Numb3rs” which varies in quality. Other than that, well um “The West Wing” was the last time I was watching a weekly tv show. Before that, um, well “The Powerpuff Girls”? This is GREAT funny stuff. We’re so afraid that it will be gone soon because it’s smart, and witty and goofy and has all sorts of hidden laughs and that tends to kill most tv shows.

David Oakes writes:  

“Okay, but did anyone catch the continuity goof when Dub-dub WAS in her Honey Rider outfit and then suddenly was in black?”

Wendy conveniently found the black outfit while the boys were looking at the doors. She is still getting into it when she joins them.

Sandra writes:  

Love the show and would love a shirt! Thanks!

Andi writes:  

i totally missed that bit, David, thank you!

Dave Carter writes:  

Loved the comics, love the show, would love a tee shirt :)

BTW, the collected edition of the entire comic run came out yesterday, so if you haven’t read the comic yet you can run down to your friendly local comic shop and pick it up!

Mike writes:  

I have to watch the show each monday. Besides having a fun story its great to pick up the pop references from various movies and tv shows. I was at Comic Con but missed the MM panel… The room was filled.

Eric writes:  

I fell in love with the show from day one. It’s on my dvr in hd and I can’t wait for a season 1 dvd and an announcement for season 2. From the pop culture references to the campy goodness that translates perfectly from the comic books…there’s just so much I love about this show.

Emilio writes:  

Love the campiness of the show. “dudley do-right” meets “men in black” (very 60’s era campy batman)

I did not know that this was based on a comics series when it 1st came out. I’m going to my LCBS for the collected edition (thanks dave).

Mark writes:  

I really like the show. My favorite thing that they do is in almost every episode there is a scene with something funny happening in the background or on a monitor during a conversation. My favorite one is when wendy is interrogating the robot on the tv screen. The middleman fighting The Candle in the background while wendy is talking to 69 in the car was a funny one too. oh yeah wendy fighting that floating fish in the background cracked me up too. i could go on and on about what i like about this show.

Nikki writes:  

MM is one of the highlights on my week. But I still can’t believe it’s on ABC Family — why they’ve mentioned lesbians, pot smoking, and even “Story of O”. And I hope WW goes with that new outfit (vest & tie) that she picked out this week.

Kimberly writes:  

The show had me at “I’m Doctor Emmett Brown of the Hill Valley Institute.” No further comment was truly required. :)

Matt writes:  

I really enjoy the show because I can geek out to it with my ten year old son. I love all the comic and pop-culture reference. My son doesn’t get most of them, but I actually have fun sharing with him. It’s over my five year old’s head, but maybe it’ll still be running in a couple of years!

Johanna writes:  

Isn’t that part of the fun, too? Sharing knowledge?

Johanna writes:  

Winners have been notified and shirts will be going out this week.

James Schee writes:  

Vampire puppets?? Gosh I LOVE this show!! lol Now if only they’d do a marathon so I can catch up.


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