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Christopher Butcher publishes a list of Tokyopop titles “on hiatus” (with the most hilarious headline). It’s taking off from a Publishers Weekly Comics Week article that’s supposed to reassure people about Tokyopop’s status — just like the PWCW article that tried to quell ADV speculation. I don’t think it’s working. Nice of PWCW to give the publishers space to speak, though, even if they’re not saying much (or not able to say much).

Redesign Vampirella’s costume and have a chance to have your pinup printed in the actual comics. (There are still comics?) And I can’t think of someone who needs more to have their swimsuit-with-ambitions outfit redone.

Rachel Nabors interviews herself very insightfully.

I wish people would ask me the sort of questions I want to answer. Everyone has asked me how I started making comics, what advice do I have to give someone else starting in comics, blah blah blah. Honestly, I don’t feel that those are productive questions anymore.

So she goes on to talk about the interaction of creator and character and whether you should major in sequential art.

Entered the Middleman contest yet? If you want to try the comic as well as the TV show, there will soon be a collection of everything so far available. The writer’s blog annotates the episodes to point out the pop culture references.

Following up on yesterday’s debate on Kramer’s Ergot pricing, Alan David Doane asked three retailers about whether they will carry the book or not. Good idea to do, wish I’d thought of it.

More substantial posting when I have a chance to catch my breath. Vacation is great until you return and have to get caught up.

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  1. Alan David Doane Says:

    To clarify, I actually asked more than three retailers their KE7 thoughts, but only three got back to me with comments in time to post this morning. One said he may get back to me with his store’s ordering plans once they’re set, and a few others haven’t gotten back to me yet. I will post every response I get from any retailer who wants to weigh in. Thanks, Johanna.

  2. Dave Says:


    Thanks for another interesting article.


    A few quotes from Christopher Butcher’s Tokyopop article:

    “Tokyopop Marketing Director Marco Pavia has stated that many of the books listed as “canceled” in releases on blogs and from Diamond are not actually canceled, just postponed while awaiting a rescheduling.” A “postponed” series might as well be canceled, as many customers will forget it and not notice if it comes back – unless there’s considerable (and expensive) fanfare. Out of sight is out of mind.

    “Tokyopop has refused to outright state that any title is canceled through any official channels.” Whether in comics, TV, or elsewhere, canceled series announced as being on “hiatus” usually (95%?) of the time remain “canceled.”

    Finally, “The cancellations seem to be along strict sales lines.” If sales have been poor enough to have a title placed on a tentative cancelation list, the title probably won’t be coming back – not without some serious retooling.


    I’m not sure how Vampirella’s costume can be redisigned. Should they give her a cape (a more gothic look)?, a one piece suit? I know for me as a youth, (and most of my pals) her appeal was her mostly naked outfit. It was like porn we could get away with. ;)


    Johanna, Thanks for again pointing out the Middleblog. It’s a fun site with great information – don’t forget to send the studio some M&Ms.


    I love retailer JC Glindmyer’s quote: “For a $125 anthology to float it has to have some pretty kick ass creators inside to justify the price point, like Frank Miller illustrating a Alan Moore story printed in the blood of Rob Liefeld.” This really reflects some of what I and others were saying in the original post.


  3. Johanna Says:

    I share your general pessimistic take on the future of many of these Tokyopop titles, unfortunately, but we can all hope for a prompt immense economic recovery, I guess.

    As for Vampi, I could never figure out why comic feminist Trina Robbins was so proud of having helped design that outfit. For the reasons you cite. :)

    Are they starting a “save the show” Middleman mailing effort already?

  4. Dave Says:

    Yes Johanna, even thought the show hasn’t been canceled, the ratings have been less than steller. As a result, the creator of the series (Javier Grillo-Marxuach), who writes the Middleblog, suggested in his July 31st entry for viewers to send M&Ms to the network.

    Right side up they suggest “Middleman” and upside down they become Ws – suggesting “Wendy Watson.”

  5. Johanna Says:

    Oh, dear, I hate that news. Let’s keep talking it up and make more good buzz!

    And I would ADORE a DVD set to turn more people on to the show, because I think it builds nicely once you’re seen more than just one episode.

  6. Dave Says:

    Oh, definitely! I truly hope they put out a 1st season DVD set.

  7. Dave Says:

    While on the topic of Middleman, here’s a bit of fun Middleman trivia regarding the origin of Wendy Watson’s nicknames – “Dubbie” or “Dub Dub.” They come from her initials (W.W.).

  8. James Schee Says:

    Hmm for the Vampi redesign, can I pull a Greg Land and just send in some great bikini model’s picture as my costume entry?:)

    I still have yet to watch Middleman. I have this week’s episode on my DVR, yet keep falling asleep! (I’m busy trying to get loans/grants together for a return to college) I’m looking forward to watching it though!




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