Iron Man DVD Announced
August 14, 2008
Iron Man cover
Iron Man Ultimate Edition
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I’m so excited! We’re getting a deluxe Iron Man DVD sooner than I expected! The 2-disc Ultimate Edition will be available on September 30 at a list price of $39.99. There’s also a single-disc edition for $29.99.

I like the single-disc cover better, myself, but that’s because you can see Downey’s face, and I’ve become a fangirl.

The single disc has the movie with deleted scenes. The ultimate edition has a second bonus disc that includes a six-part featurette called “The Invincible Iron Man” consisting of

  • Origins
  • Friends & Foes
  • The Definitive Iron Man
  • Demon in a Bottle
  • Extremis and Beyond
  • Ultimate Iron Man
Iron Man cover
Iron Man Single-Disc Edition
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I’m guessing that that talks about the comic history, given the titles. There’s also a seven-part making of, ” I Am Iron Man”, that contains

  • The Journey Begins
  • The Suit That Makes the Iron Man
  • The Walk of Destruction
  • Grounded in Reality
  • Beneath the Armor
  • It’s All in the Details
  • A Good Story, Well Told

Love that last title! And there’s still more: a visual effect documentary, Robert Downey, Jr.’s original screen test (ooooh! revealing!), a cast rehearsal of a scene, and an image/photo gallery. I can’t wait!

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Dave writes:  

I’m really looking forward to this DVD.

I’ve developed the routine of “waiting for the DVD.” It’s much like “waiting for the trade” except it makes much more sense (to me).

At the costs of going to the theater, It’s actually cheaper to buy the DVD (which can be watched repeatedly at no extra cost) – plus it’s not much of a delay for the DVD to come out, 5 months in this case. Combine that with the girth of extras and a TV with a decent sized screen (32 inches of better), and the DVD becomes the best bet.

For comics, I like trades but they are nowhere near as good of a deal.

In retrospect, I feel I’m in entertainment paradise. When I was a kid, there were no VCR/DVDs. I loved going to the movies, but my mother thought they were too expensive/too much hassle. She said “just wait and they’ll be on TV in 5 or 6 years.” That was forever to me.

I’d stare at my TV and wish there was a way I could put a cassette into the TV and watch movies in the same way as I listened to music with my cassette player.

Just another of my brilliant conceptulizations which I didn’t know how to make. :)

Adam Arnold writes:  

I haven’t bought anything on Blu-Ray yet, but Iron Man just might be the first…

Iron Man Costume writes:  

Oh boy, your mom told you to wait 5-6 years? That sucks.

I want to watch so many movies but was never able to, luckily I forgot about it and 2-3 years later I see them on TV and dream came true :p

I did see Iron Man in the theaters so I think I might get the single disk version.

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