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To promote the release of the first season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on DVD August 19, Warner Bros. has released a Facebook application called “Recruit and Destroy”.

Terminator on Facebook

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I haven’t watched the show myself — I love the idea of Summer Glau as a teenage Terminator, but I get the impression that it’s too much action, not enough character for my tastes. Am I wrong?

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  1. James Schee Says:

    I actually liked it. Yes there is a LOT of action. Yet there is some character stuff there too. Not just the “teach the robot to be human” either.

    Summer is really good in this too.

  2. David Oakes Says:

    Sarah gets a lot of lengthy monologues exploring the existential horror of knowing the future, which are actually better than I am describing. The kids get a lot of TV stereotype kids bits that could have been cribbed from “Dawson’s Creek” or the like. Which provides an odd disconect when Summer goes all Schwartzenegger and blows stuff up.

    But they blew up my High School in the first episode, so I am a fan for life.

  3. John Says:

    I really love this show. There is a lot more depth than you might think, and if you can, watch it from the beginning. There really is a whole lot happening, and from the start you can see the sacrifices the characters are forced into making.

    You also see the love the mother and son have for each other, despite the difficulties they face. The family dynamic becomes much more interesting over time as Summer’s character becomes, essentially, another member of the family.

    The characters are in a seemingly impossible situation, being hunted down by time travelling cybernetic beings who can disguise themselves as humans, and have the knowledge of an ever changing future. Also in this series, the Terminators are branching out, and actually using strategy.

    Sarah just wants her son to be safe, John just wants to be a normal teenager, and Cameron just wants a heart. (Yes, Tin Man reference.) The true beauty of the show is in the characterisation, and the actors do it right. How many of us would continue a fight that doesn’t seem to end, that comes back just when you thought it was over

    Imagine trying to be a mom or a teenager or just a normal human being when any minute of the day you can find yourself under attack, and you know that unless you do everything in your power, the world as you know it will disappear in a flash?

    I cannot recommend this highly enough.

    Cheers, JOHN :0)




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