Boom! Webcomics Update

Boom! sent over a reminder of the many cool series they have running as free webcomics. Here are some highlight descriptions:

From Cthulhu Tales, a story by Henry Alonso Myers (who also writes for Ugly Betty) called “Are You There, Cthulhu? It’s Me, Margaret.” It’s about a Catholic schoolgirl with nice art by Chris Lie and a very weird twist. And I love the Judy Blume title parody.

He also wrote “Ninja School Dropout” for Ninja Tales with art by Sunder Raj. Also from that anthology, an odd one about Einstein and ninjas by John Rogers, who also wrote Blue Beetle.

Editor-in-chief Mark Waid has written a zombie tale with art by Carlos Magno. It uses a creative, unique structure that anyone can relate to to express a very quiet, powerful horror.

Plus, there are 36 pages of Hero Squared, the superhero parody series, available.

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