Beau Smith, CSI

Beau Smith, the self-titled Last Real Man in Comics, wrote Cobb: Off the Leash, which was drawn by Eduardo Barreto and published back in 2006. Why does this matter? Because Barreto currently draws the venerable soap opera strip Judge Parker. And look who cameos as a CSI in today’s comic!

Judge Parker August 21 2008

That’s Beau, in vest and hat, grinning away.

2 Responses to “Beau Smith, CSI”

  1. Beau Smith Says:

    Trivia: This was my second appearance in a national daily comic strip. Last year I appeared in Rex Morgan M.D. My other artist buddy, Graham (Marvel Adventures) Nolan draws the daily strip and put me in that one as a grinning , ball cap wearing guy out side a sporting goods store.

    It’s getting so I’m like one of those character actors that shows up everywhere.

    That’s not a bad thing.



  2. Pitzer Says:

    Haw! Fantastic!




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