Where Is the San Diego Con Response?

Has anyone heard anything from the San Diego Comic Convention folks in response to the recent blog-wide discussion of the need for an anti-harassment policy? I emailed the general address last week asking for their statement but received nothing in response. I haven’t seen anything elsewhere, but I may have missed something.

Given what I know of John DiBello being a reasonable and kind person, I kind of wonder if he tried that route already and got no answer, and that’s what spurred the public call for action. But that’s purely speculation on my part.

Anyway, Rachel Edidin suggests a letter-writing campaign, while Kalinara criticizes the nay-sayers.

Update: I have since emailed the San Diego press contact and similarly received no response. My guess is either they’re working something out and not talking until it’s ready; or they’re hoping silence will cause the whole thing to blow over.

Girl Wonder has launched the Con Anti-Harassment Project, providing sample policies, letter templates, and a FAQ. That last sums up the problem and solution nicely.

One Response to “Where Is the San Diego Con Response?”

  1. Steve Troop Says:

    Judging from my experiences as an exhibitor at San Diego, it’s nearly impossible to get any kind of response out of them aside from the 3-5 months immediately before Comic-Con. Could it be that they don;t man their offices the other seven months of the year?




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