BPM Sneak Preview

I’m now holding a copy of Paul Sizer’s BPM, the upcoming graphic novel about an aspiring New York DJ. It looks gorgeous!

In keeping with the urban music scene setting, it’s all neon colors and grimy city shadows. And the story, for me, was engrossing. Handling audio in comics is tricky, but Paul does a terrific job illustrating the lifestyle and its appeal. Any aspiring creative type will relate to Roxy’s struggles to make it in her chosen art, and her love of music is inspiring.

I have an early copy because I was asked to read a preview version and give my feedback (which I was happy to do). It’s impressive to see a creator so devoted to the story he wants to tell and yet concerned that his message gets through to the reader. It was a great experience, especially the discussions that followed as Paul explained his choices.

The book has a sketchbook, glossary, and liner notes, annotating the story and its background, although Paul is annoyingly tight-lipped about what particular music tracks he had in mind. Still, the whole book has a soundtrack, with each page carrying a track name and artist at the bottom. The music is also available through iTunes.

You can preorder a copy now for only $15 (includes free shipping) to receive it in late September, or order from the October Previews catalog through your local comic shop for release in November. (Yes, those dates are correct.) The book should also be available at SPX in early October.

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