NY Times on Marvel and DC: Anime Series, Watchmen Movie

If you wanted to get more detail on the kurfluffle between Warner Bros. and Fox over who really has rights to make the Watchmen movie, read this NY Times article on how “turnaround” works and why Fox wants to prevent release of the film.

Meanwhile, in Marvel news, four anime series featuring new versions of their characters, are scheduled for 2010 in Japan. They’re aiming for “reimagining the back stories and redesigning the look of Marvel’s stable of characters to reflect Japanese culture.” The goal is yet another “parallel universe”. Also, “the anime series will be adapted into comics and will be available for downloading on cellphones.” That’s the aim today: new markets, same old properties.

4 Responses to “NY Times on Marvel and DC: Anime Series, Watchmen Movie”

  1. Mark S. Says:

    Same old tired notions from the “House of Old, Tired, Ideas?” and the Deluded Competition?


  2. Alan Coil Says:

    What seems evident is that Fox had no desire to ever make the movie, but now that it has been made, they want a piece of the pie.

    This explains why so many movies are optioned, never made, then optioned again: either to ensure that a competitor never gets a chance to profit from the property, or so that the original optioner can make money without doing any work.

  3. Johanna Says:

    If they wanted to work, would they have gone to Hollywood? Buh dump ba.

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