Second Death Note Movie in Theaters

Death Note II poster

The first Death Note movie showed in selected theaters in May. Now, the sequel, Death Note II: The Last Name, will be showing October 15 and 16 in selected theaters in the U.S.

Tickets will be available starting September 5. (Subscribers to the Shonen Jump newsletter can buy them a week early, starting August 29.) There will be almost 100 more theaters participating this time around.

According to the press release,

The theatre event will also feature an exclusive behind-the-scenes look about the creation of this breakthrough live-action event, an in-depth interview with director Shusuke Kaneko, who also directed Death Note, and a unique profile of the cast.

The first movie will be available on DVD September 16.


  1. Was the first movie any good?

  2. @Gregg-Well, did you like the manga?

    The movie did a lot of things right, but people who have never read the manga might leave feeling a little confused, and it’d be a good idea to see both. But overall, the actors, dialogue, music, and such are nice. Some might be turned off because of the animation, which isn’t as good as say… the superhero blockbusters, though.

  3. I only watched the first 7 episodes of the anime before ever watching the movies and I liked the movies a lot more than the series itself and still do. The first movie is pretty exceptional for what it is and I like how they went for a more realistic vibe with the films as a whole–well, as realistic as you can get with shinigami and death notes. The second movie is good, but they kept some of the parts that felt too unbelievable (i.e. the forced confinement and fetish-y video taping by L and his team), and it went into a couple of new areas that weren’t touched upon in the first film, which was odd for a pair of movies that were meant to go together. They’re well worth seeing if you can’t be bothered to watch the entire anime series or read the manga as you get all the good parts without all the endless monologues and angst.

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  5. The first movie was great, the second should be just as completely awesome, i have heard that its a bit sad though

  6. just one word 4 this movie…
    i had been watched all this movie (not anime)…
    death note, death note II and last sequel, death note “L change the world”

    L. Lawliet is so brilliant…!!!

  7. Is this one rated R?

  8. The description is “not officially rated but should be treated as equivalent to an R rating.”

  9. That’s funny. I’m surprised theater chains are accepting that and not claiming “not rated = NC-17.”

  10. The violence is pretty gruesome at times, and its kind of scrary with some dark themes. I don’t recall much else that would warrent a hard R though.

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