An Archie Customer Story

Jud Meyers, who writes a retailer column for Comic Book Resources, this week tells a story of two Archie customers, an elderly couple who came in weekly. It’s heart-wrenching and made me cry, and it illustrates just how comforting and enjoyable comics can be.

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  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Thanks for sharing the link, Johanna. A powerful and very touching story.

  2. Adam Arnold Says:

    Yes, thank you very much for sharing that, Johanna. That’s very much the kind of story that should be passed around.

    (BTW, it’s actually thanks to your own blog that I’ve been giving various Archie titles a try again for the first time since I was a kid.)

  3. Reeve Says:

    Another thanks here; that was one of the best things I’ve read all week.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Adam, I hope you’ve enjoyed some of them.

  5. Dave Rose Says:

    I’ve long been a fan of the Archie comics and I know many couple from the generation depicted in this story. Aslo, having been a comic book store manager, I could relate to that side of the story as well.

    I read this story to my wife last night and we both got very emotional. There were several times when I had to stop for a moment to unchoke and wipe my eyes.

    The couple reminded us of my parents (Mom is 70 and Dad is 88) who have exactly the same type of relationship. Fortunately, they are both in good health (thank God) and my mother even likes Archie comics.

    I’m going to send the story to them today. I’ve already kept a copy for myself.

    It’s simply the best story I’ve ever read from an online comic book site. For that matter, it’s the best story I’ve read anywhere for a long time.

    Thanks you for pointing me to the story. I frequent Comic Book Resouces but had not noticed the story was there.

  6. Johanna Says:

    You’re very welcome. I’m glad I could share it.

  7. Jim Perreault Says:

    I found this a very touching and personal story ; all the more so because my Mom passed away from cancer a few years back.

    I was a bit surprised that Jud thought that Rose was buying the comics for her grandchildren. I had just assumed that she was buying them for herself.

    Thanks for sharing,


  8. Anonymous Says:

    That was really sad. No other way of saying it. Sad.




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