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The Ohio Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) used to have a Day Prize judged by Dave Sim. Apparently, at the show this year, they collected competitors and then Sim backed out. (That is my less than charitable reading.) So they’ve replaced it with the SPACE Prize, to be awarded at the next show in April 2009.

The new award winner will be selected through combining judges’ and exhibitors’ votes. Based on the finalists shown, I’d choose Blink, because out of the two competitors I’ve read, I liked that better. I do wonder about the submission guidelines, because Bill Knapp’s Thorn in the Side came out like two years ago, didn’t it? It also seems a bit odd to put traditional minicomics up against graphic novels. But for a show prize, that’s not uncommon.

7 Responses to “SPACE Prize Replaces Day Prize”

  1. Dave Rose Says:

    I’d go with Birth.

    Despite the fact that it’s the one I’ve seen, it’s a good science fiction tale with art evoking the otherworldly feel the story requires.

    It seems (quite often) that, while a story may have good art, it doesn’t match the mood or required storytelling elements of the story. Birth meets both criteria very well.

  2. Johanna Says:

    That’s an important factor, true, that the art and story work together.

  3. Max Ink Says:

    Thanks for the endorsement!

  4. Bill Knapp Says:

    A Thorn In the Side came out a year ago, making it quite eligible, thank you.

    Bill Knapp

  5. Johanna Says:

    I’m sorry! I was confused.

  6. Bob Corby Says:

    Johanna, Thanks for the coverage. Also thanks for the comments. As you say in the article I took over after Dave Sim left so most of the stucture is left over from Dave’s involvement. I’m open to new ideas. In reviewing the entries this year I was having a hard time pitting mini-comics against graphic novels etc. Unfortunately since there isn’t any other sponsorships to the prize the purse is limiting. Anybody out there interested in sponsoring a mini-SPACE Prize for next year? Next we’ll need to define what a mini-comic is and open up that can of worms.

  7. Dave Rose Says:

    I always thought a mini-comic was one of those little fold-up comics. I don’t know; maybe the catagory includes small pamphlet comics as well.




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