Weekly 10-Second Hate

If I’m going to be hated on, I couldn’t be in better company.

Hey, if someone’s trying so hard to raise internet drama, how can I resist giving them what they want? Especially when they have to go back over a year to find a reason. Me, I’m going to concentrate on talking about things I’m enjoying, per the site title.

15 Responses to “Weekly 10-Second Hate”

  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    I’m hoping he does a manga list and I can make that one.

  2. david brothers Says:

    I feel kind of bad that I inadvertently inspired that with my categorical 50 things list. I feel like following up a list of 50 things you like with 60 you hate is kinda missing the point.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Oh, I wouldn’t feel bad. It *is* harder to be positive. And you can’t help the directions other people go.

  4. Greg Burgas Says:

    As I mentioned on Sterling’s blog, he doesn’t speak for all of us at Comics Should Be Good! I like reading your stuff, even if I don’t always agree with you. Isn’t that what discourse is all about? Even though Brad is kind of goofy and did that post somewhat cheekily, I agree that being negative about comics is too easy. There’s too much good out there!

  5. Richard Marcej Says:

    Well, being negative about anything is too easy.

    As each day goes by and despite all of the great things we can find, experience and enjoy on the internet, the negativity (and even harsher than that) seems to continue to unfortunately grow on the web.

  6. thekamisama Says:

    Internets drama gets more hits. It’s about impressing the advertisers.

  7. Derek Coward Says:

    No offense to the others, but you are the only one of the bloggers I have even heard of. And that includes the guy writing the list.

    Which brought a question to mind, is it really drama when you have only heard of one person involved, or is it something else?

  8. Johanna Says:

    Greg, thanks for the reassurance! And I agree with you about it being worthwhile to read even those you disagree with.

    Derek, you should check out Mike Sterling if no one else — his view from the trenches of comic retailing is enlightening *and* entertaining.

  9. David Oakes Says:

    Derek: Never let the Bloggers know you have figured out just how insular and inbred they are. That’s when the banjos come out…

  10. Jim Perreault Says:

    I’m a bit surprised you’re publicizing that column. While I think there might be a few interesting thoughts buried in there, I don’t find the manner in which things were presented very conducive to good discussion, or at all helpful to the things he is criticizing.


  11. Paul Sizer Says:

    No way!!! You’ve had it far too easy, Johanna! You need some hate and interweb crap thrown your way. You, with all your opinions and thoughts and daring to speak up and say some things stink! Boo! Boo to you! ; )


  12. Evie Says:

    Great googly moogly that was a lot of time spent thinking about things to hate. That’s a talent right there. A medically inadvisable talent.

  13. Johanna Says:

    Jim: I couldn’t resist looking better by comparison. :)

    Paul: You are weird. That’s why I like you.

  14. James Schee Says:

    He doesn’t like you, and explains why by linking to someone else who didn’t like you/what you said in one instance. I mean sheesh he couldn’t even take the time to talk about why he hates you himself.

    That’s lazy! If you’re gonna hate, do it yourself!!!:)

  15. Mikester Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Johanna! Well, I’ve been kinda goofing off on my site for the last couple of days, so I hope I didn’t give Derek the wrong impression. :) Or maybe it is the right impression!




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