DC Limited Edition Sneakers

Now available at LimitedSoles.com, an online shop for exclusive limited-edition shoes, are three styles of DC superhero sneakers. There are Superman, Batman, and Joker editions available for $110 a pair.

Superman sneakers

Whoever selected the numbers of the limited runs knew their history. For Superman, it’s 1938 pairs, individually numbered. The leather shoes are primarily blue with newsprint designs, a small S-shield logo, and the words “Clark Kent” across the heels. They seem more alter-ego-oriented than superhero to me.

Batman sneakers

The Batman shoe is limited to 1939 pairs made of leather and suede. They’re black and grey with yellow highlights and Bruce Wayne across the heels.

The Joker shoe has 1940 pairs available. It’s a graffiti’ed version of the Batman shoe, with orange “Ha!” scribbles and green laces instead of black. I was hoping for something in green and purple. If you’re going to be the Joker, you ought to be noticed, after all!

7 Responses to “DC Limited Edition Sneakers”

  1. Alan Coil Says:

    Those are so cool!

  2. Kelson Says:

    Cool, but how could they put together limited edition sneakers and not include a set for the Flash?

  3. Johanna Says:

    That would be perfect, but not enough audience recognition to pay $110, probably!

  4. Mark S. Says:

    Where’s the Wonder Woman shoes?

  5. Kelson Says:

    Could be. I had a depressing time looking for Flash costume photos from Dragon*Con, and finding people dressed as Captain Marvel who had been labeled as the Flash. Okay, red costume with a lightning bolt on the chest, but still…

    And then there’s all the people who can’t tell the difference between The Flash and Flash Gordon.


  6. Johanna Says:

    Mark, they’d probably have put ankle laces and high heels on them.

  7. Mark S. Says:


    Would there be anything wrong with that? :-)




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