Watch X-Men Cartoon Online
September 8, 2008

Marvel has begun putting episodes of the animated series X-Men: Evolution online for free watching. The first two are available now, with more coming every Monday.

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Mark S. writes:  

I guess they sold enough copies of the DVD’s out of the $5 bins at Wal-Mart world wide….

watch cartoons online writes:  

I love this X-Men show I have always watched XMEN! :D

Kirsten Link writes:  

I’m trying to find the X-Men comic books online to read for free not the Dvds! Any clues as to where I can find them without paying a ton of money?

Johanna writes:  

Marvel has put some X-Men comics online as free samples for its Digital Comics online program. To get runs, you’d have to subscribe.

Kirsten writes:  

thank you but thats why i didnt get on there lol… i want free stuff… and its very hard to find! But thank you so much!

Johanna writes:  

Well, we all want free stuff, but that’s not the way superhero comic publishing works. If you want free comics, there are a ton of webcomics out there. If you want the X-Men, Marvel wants your money.

Kirsten writes:  

Yeah I’ve noticed haha


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