KC Gets Scared

Over at the Perhapablog, KC shares the scariest thing he ever saw. It starts with the Alien movie and gets worse from there…

Alien movie poster

3 Responses to “KC Gets Scared”

  1. Dave Rose Says:

    KC’s story was pretty scary. I would have been freaked out for sure!

    The scariest thing that ever happened to me was when my mother used the Ouigi board to convince me there was a ghost out to get me. She thought she was kidding, but it had an effect she hadn’t planned on.

    For the next six months I slept with my feet at the head of the bed because I was afraid a ghost would get me while I was asleep. I thought if I slept normally the ghost could choke me, but if my feet were at the head of the bed I could kick him off.

    Pretty smart for a little kid. :)

  2. Johanna Says:

    I love the things kids come up with to defeat those night monsters! Like making sure all limbs are covered up. For me, it was never looking into a mirror in the dark.

  3. James Schee Says:

    Wow that would be pretty freaky.

    My only big bug fear was being like 6, and I went to bed early for some reason.

    I was reading in bed and for some reason I had the idea to raise my book up. When I did there was a HUGE spider right on my stomach. Freaked me out! I had trouble sleeping, though now I can say that at least I went to bed early and found it when I was awake. Asleep in the dark I’d probably killed myself trying to kill it. (I have a fear of spiders to this day)

    Other than that… well there was watching Poltergeist when I was young, then being home alone sick from school a few days later. It was a two story older house and I had no idea of the idea of houses settling. So when I hear what sounds like footsteps on the stairs and I know I’m by myself, well sick or not I was on the back porch two seconds later until mom got home a few hours later.

    Oh and more recently. I lived in a very wooded area. I happen to be walking to bed when I hear something outside. I open the back door and turn on the light and at the bottom of the steps was a nearly 4 feet tall raccoon. We both sort of screamed and ran different directions.




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