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Douglas Wolk perfectly sums up the problem I have with Jonah Hex:

“Gray & Palmiotti’s ongoing series about sexual assault in the Old West…”

Have they done an issue yet that doesn’t include rape?

They’ve managed to get some wonderful guest artists, though, with Darwyn Cooke having drawn an issue, and J.H. Williams III illustrating the latest.

3 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Dwight Williams Says:

    One answer to your question: the aforementioned issue with Darwyn Cooke as the guest artist? That would be the most recent one.

  2. Richard Marcej Says:

    Well, at least Jonah’s language isn’t as bad as Bat Man’s in ASB&R

  3. odessa steps magazine Says:

    There was also a Russ Heath issue.




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