Wowio Still Not Paying Publishers

Wowio, the troubled online publisher, is over three weeks late paying publishers their earnings for second quarter 2008 (which ended in June, assuming they use a standard calendar). Their Editorial Director told a publisher that she didn’t know when fees would be going out, but to apologize for the delay, they’d pay an extra 2.5 – 5% late fee when the money did arrive.

5% of nothing is still nothing. “We’ll make up for our delay by giving you more when we finally do pay you,” sounds like a con man’s trick to keep the fish on the hook.

10 Responses to “Wowio Still Not Paying Publishers”

  1. Dave Rose Says:

    If they can’t afford to pay what they owe, how can they afford to pay extra?

    Besides the late payments, Wowio has very few recent additions compared to the pre-Platinum days.

    The writing is on the wall.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I think the writing was on the wall when they were acquired by Platinum. This is just confirmation that it all went bad faster than expected.

  3. Dave Rose Says:

    I agree.

    The fact that Wowio needed to sell in the first place did not bode well at all.

  4. Bill Williams Says:

    On Friday, WOWIO will be 4 weeks late with the payment. In our attempts to get our cash, WOWIO publishers have talked to the media here and there. But as I suspected, our attempt to shame the shameless has not worked so far.


  5. Tiff Says:

    Probably should have included in that post what DETERMINES the percentage… if anyone pulled their books, they only get 2.5%. You know, those of us who wanted to see if we were going to get paid int he first place.

  6. Johanna Says:

    Given Platinum’s history of trying to punish people, I’m surprised they didn’t announce that publishers that trust them get 105%, those that left get 95%. Eventually. When they find their checkbook. And the postage stamps.

  7. Adam_Y Says:

    ladies and gentlemen, start your court proceedings…

    Class action, anyone?

  8. Charles RB Says:

    Did Platinum get bought out by Rick Olney or something? The similarities are terrifying.

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