Knights Book 1

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Knights Book 1
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When I got a copy of this book, it took me a few minutes to figure out what its title was. That’s really bad design. (KC’s take: “he looks like a duck.”) If you look closely, the image is even fuzzy.

Then I looked at the back cover, where it says, “Join the sword-fighting Mist and the scantily-clad Euphemia as they rip up the kingdom rescuing the helpless and battling corrupt clergy and fanatical saints…” and decided it wasn’t for me. (Here’s a real review if you’re still curious.)

So why am I mentioning it? Because it seems significant in that it’s the first book I’ve seen from Digital Manga at the typical $9.95 manga price point. Their books are usually slightly oversized with dust jackets at $12.95. Did I miss a press release? There’s nothing on the company’s news page (although the newest item there is from April). Is this an experiment or a new direction?

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