Comics vs. Congress: A Retrospective Debate

On Thursday, September 18, at 7:30 PM at the Harris Hall Auditorium of VCU (Richmond, Virginia), David Hajdu, Tom De Haven, and M. Thomas Inge will be speaking at this event:

Comics vs. Congress

COMICS vs. CONGRESS: The Battle for Free Speech That Changed America

Presented in recognition of Constitution Day by VCU Student Media, the VCU Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Services, VCU Libraries, Society of Professional Journalists–VCU Student Chapter, and VCU School of Mass Communications

TOPIC: In the 1950s, comic books became the focus of great public concern that eventually led to congressional hearings. Eventually the comic-book industry agreed to a severe form of self-censorship, the Comics Code Authority. David Hajdu’s book The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America focuses on this important struggle, pointing out how it set the stage for future attempts to control free expression — for example, rock n’ roll in the 1960s and hip-hop in the 1980s.

The discussion will be moderated by VCU’s own Tom De Haven, author of It’s Superman!, Funny Papers, Derby Dugan’s Depression Funnies, and other comic-themed works. Guest speaker will be M. Thomas Inge of Randolph-Macon College, editor of the Handbook of American Popular Culture and author of Anything Can Happen in a Comic Strip.

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  1. odessa steps magazine Says:

    Wow. I wish I still lived in Chesapeake. I would have def. driven up for this.




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