ComicMix Print Plan: Looking to the Future?

As more news came out about ComicMix’s limited convention editions, it started me thinking.

There have been special convention-oriented publications before. For instance, in 1998, the Trilogy Tour — Jeff Smith, Linda Medley, Jill Thompson, Charles Vess, Mark Crilley, and Stan Sakai — put out a comic-issue anthology to go along with their massive tree-based on-site display. It provided a sampler of all of their work as well as a memento to get signed. But that was before print-on-demand, so they had to pre-create one version for all the shows they appeared at.

Now, print runs can be more limited (the ComicMix books are 100 copies each), and better tuned to plans for a particular show. Assuming that vendors can deliver on schedule, this may become more and more common. Others have done convention-specific variant covers, but in future, I foresee show-specific content, too, perhaps anthologies based on which writers and artists are appearing at a particular event. What a memento!

Of course, the drawback is relatively high pricing. With low POD print runs, costs are higher, and thus price tags. Forget the $3 issue — here, we’re talking about $25-35 books with substantial page counts. And the idea of one edition goes right out the window… dedicated fans may find themselves chasing all over to get all the different versions. Plus, the question that hasn’t yet been answered: what about the interested customer who can’t or doesn’t go to the show?

2 Responses to “ComicMix Print Plan: Looking to the Future?”

  1. Alan Coil Says:

    The price is for collected editions, so relatively not too high priced. The GrimJack book is 150 pages of story, so the equivalent of 7 issues.

    If I were at the convention, I’d likely try to buy one of these, but I’m not going to pay collector prices for it.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, I’m sure they’re good value, especially if the books are in color, but I find for me, over $20 is a significant price point for a collected comic.




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