Tokyopop Gives Away Today’s Princess Ai: Encounters

Tokyopop really really wants you to read Princess Ai: Encounters. Although it only came out yesterday (today in comic stores), it’s already available for free (warning: link has soundlink no longer available) at their site. (Will retailers complain the way they threw a fit when Boom! did the same thing with North Wind? Probably not — most of those kinds of comic shops don’t care much about manga, having ceded the female audience they attract to bookstores.)

Princess Ai Encounters ad

Download either a CBR or PDF version, or use their online player. (The PDF download took about 15 minutes on my connection, which seemed slow.) They’ve even made Ai videos and wallpapers and other doodads.

Princess Ai Encounters cover

I had a devil of time, though, finding a simple description of what the book was about. Maybe the assumption is that if it’s free, that doesn’t matter. Turns out that Princess Ai: Encounters is a sampler mashup.

Featuring a peek into the TOKYOPOP universe, this volume showcases TP’s wide range of original creative talent by throwing our characters into the mix with Princess Ai and her friends! Whether Ai is rocking out with Ein from “A Midnight Opera,” playing at the high school prom for the cast of “Rhysmyth,” or visiting Pamela at “The Tarot Cafe” to solve a mystery, it’s our beloved rock sensation as we’ve never seen her before!

No wonder it’s free! It’s a cookbook… I mean an ad! The editor says, “The end result is something that really feels like a cool doujinshi anthology, believe it or not.” Believe it or not? Why would I be suspicious of what the company wants us to think about a Princess Ai project? Since Tokyopop apparently doesn’t believe in the usual conflict of interest disclaimers, I will also take this time to remind you that the creator of Princess Ai, “DJ Milky”, is a pseudonym for Stuart Levy, the head of the company.


  1. It is said that three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and Tokyopop trying to get people interested in Princess Ai.

  2. When will Stu Levy stop trying to promote himself?! Princess Ai is manufactured refuse that nobody important cares about

  3. It is interesting that Tokyopop picked up a rep for not promoting their OELs, but _this_ property, the one Levy is writing, _that_ they have time and resources to promote.

  4. Annonymouse Creator

    “And the number one reason why CEO’s should never pimp their own product . . . !”

    I love many of the artists/writers in this anthology, but it gets my blood boiling that TP won’t dish out the money on their these creators’ OWN creative endeavors! Reading this is like watching a giant wank-fest to Stu Levy.

  5. Annonymouse Creator

    PS. So this is where all the cash Stu could have been spending on US went, huh? His millions of dollars while we’re f*cking working our asses off 24/7/365 for less than half of minimum wage!!!!!!!!

    F*ck you, Stu.

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  7. stephanie altmiller

    I love princess ai i hate ameri-manga tell the truth and market american made as american made and be proud of what you created don’t try to tack it onto the manga aspect if it is good it will sell and people will appreciate it for what it is stop trying to sell fake manga artist and let things just be overmarketing is never good

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