Free Richmond Comic to Promote Local

To promote the new collection of Local, with all 12 issues from Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly collected in hardcover, publisher Oni Press has made issue 3 available for free online.

You can download a CBR from their site (link no longer available) or read the pages online at myspace. This particular issue is my favorite from the series because it’s set where I live, Richmond, VA. It’s about a band returning home and how you can’t really go back again.

The whole book features one girl’s journey through twelve locations. Great care was taken to pick significant cities and get input on real locations there, working them into the artwork. Brian Wood says it’s “the best book I’ve ever written and my personal favorite,” while for Ryan Kelly, his artistic journey mirrored that of the book’s protagonist. A 400-page hardcover with color for only $30 (less with discounts) is a great deal, too.

One Response to “Free Richmond Comic to Promote Local”

  1. Max Says:

    I just plowed through the whole book on Saturday night and was really impressed. Definitely my favorite Brian Wood comic, and definitely worth the $30. I agree with you, Johanna; issue 3 is my fav too.




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