New Webcomics Worth Reading

I’ve added some new entries to my list of Webcomics Worth Reading (in the right nav bar on the home page).

Socks and Barney — smart-aleck talking animals on politics. With all the lunacy of this election, I need some humor about it.

Just a Bit Off — relationship comedy with an interesting, big-head character design that does NOT appear to be Japanese-influenced. I’m not sure I’ll stick with this one, though, because while it has an RSS feed, it doesn’t include the comics in it. But it does make Mac and Mythbusters jokes. And it just went to two strips a week (from one).

Update: Jeff Zugale, author of Just a Bit Off, has adjusted his feed to provide full comics. Go Jeff!

7 Responses to “New Webcomics Worth Reading”

  1. kjchen Says:

    Is Socks and Barney done by “Astounding Space Thrills” Steve Conley? Because I suddenly love the guy even more if it is.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Yes, it is!

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  5. Mark Says:

    Waimea is a serialized-biweekly graphic novel that tells the story of three people who find themselves living under unusual circumstances in Hawaii. It is written by Kevin Church and drawn by Mike Dake.

    This web comic is well written and the artwork is fantastic!

  6. Carl Says:

    My favorite webcomic out there:

  7. Johanna Says:

    That’s funny! Thanks for letting me know about that. I’ve added it to my follow list.




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