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September 23, 2008

I want to plug one of the most intriguing shows returning from last year.

Life Season 1 cover
Life Season 1
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Life is the story of a police detective sent to prison as a cop killer, a crime he didn’t commit. After a lawsuit gets him out, he wins a multi-million-dollar settlement as well as his place back on the force. This doesn’t go well. Some of his former co-workers are jealous of what they see as a windfall, not realizing what it cost him. Some still think he’s guilty and got out on a technicality. Some are just freaked out by his Zen-like calm and single-mindedness (reached after living through the torture of being a cop thrown in with criminals). He’s determined to find out who framed him and why, a conspiracy that reaches through the police force.

Watch the pilot online for free, but be aware, it make take more than one episode for the show to grow on you. Some think there’s something Batman-like about Damian Lewis’ portrayal of Charlie Crews, alone in his mansion, focused on finding justice. (Which would make Adam Arkin, as a white-collar criminal befriended by Crews in jail, a combination Robin and Alfred.)

Season 2 starts September 29, but you can watch the first episode online now.

6 Responses  
Jeff writes:  

The show definitely has a “Question & Montoya” vibe to it.

Alan David Doane writes:  

I’ll strongly second your recommendation, this was my favourite new series last season and I can’t wait to see more.

Johanna writes:  

How could I forget to mention Sarah Shahi playing his partner Dani? I like the way the character has to negotiate between her growing respect for Crews and her boss’ demands to find dirt on him.

Linda writes:  

It’s an excellent show. My hubby and I are hooked!

Justin writes:  

You can also watch (I am assuming) the entirity of Life thus far on Hulu. I know I will now.

Tim O'Shea writes:  

Toward the end of last season, Arkin’s character (Ted) actually is disturbed at the realization he may be Alfred or Robin. IIRC, as Charlie leaves him, he screams: “I’m not Alfred am I? I don’t want to Alfred!”

But actually Arkin’s scene with the tractor in season 1’s premiere is one of my favorites…

They have the same creator/show runner with this season, but most of last year’s writing staff has moved on. It will be interesting to see where they go. The season premiere for this year has a slightly different vibe. I’ll be curious to see what this year’s “I am not attached to the car” theme will be…


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