The Last Two Comic Conventions of the Year

Posting may be light over the next two weeks … I’m getting ready to go to the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend, and then SPX is the weekend after that.

I’ll be at Baltimore both Saturday and Sunday, helping out with press registration and the Harvey Awards and whatever else they need. SPX I’m only going to be able to attend on Saturday, unfortunately. I’m always happy to say hello to a reader if you see me at either show.

7 Responses to “The Last Two Comic Conventions of the Year”

  1. David Beard Says:

    MCBA Fallcon!


    How can you call these the last cons, when October 4-5 means Fallcon Fun?

  2. Johanna Says:

    Because I’ve never heard of it? It’s also, like Mid-Ohio-Con, up against SPX, which has my loyalty, sorry. But I hope you have a great time there!

  3. Paul Sizer Says:

    I also had to make my decision between Mid-Ohio Con and SPX, and SPX wins, although I dig Mid Ohio.
    See you at SPX Johanna!

  4. Alexis Fajardo Says:

    Don’t forget about the Alternative Press Expo–it was moved from Spring to Fall this year and takes place November 1st-2nd in San Francisco!

  5. Matt Maxwell Says:

    Stop by and say hi over at the artist’s alley in Baltimore, Johanna.

  6. John Mundt, Esq. Says:

    Johanna – I love your e-column, but “NEVER HEARD” OF FALLCON?!?!? Are you kidding? This is their TWENTIETH YEAR! Fallcon is one of the best managed, most fun conventions that I go too. As a fan, I’ve met many of my comics creator heroes there, have “discovered” many up-and-coming young artists, and have dropped several thousand dollars (easy) on great deals over the years. As a guest, I’ve met with many of my “fans” (both of them), have sold my own stuff at a rate almost equal to what I’ve spent, and have made many wonderful friends in the biz. The thing that really sets Fallcon apart from other shows is the “feel” of the event. Every guest creator is treated with equal respect, whether kid with photocopied comics or recognized all-time comic book master. I’ve been to big cons, little shows, and everything in between, and I can say without hesitation that Fallcon is my all-time favorite comics convention! For more about this year’s show, check out And, Johanna? You and K.C. at least have to put Fallcon on your 2009 schedule. SPX may have your loyalty, but we loyal “Comics Worth Reading” fans need love too! I hope to see you then!

  7. Johanna Says:

    Matt, will do! It’s sounding like a great show.

    John, sorry, I’ve never heard of it. There are plenty of great regional shows that don’t make it to national awareness. But it sounds great! Too bad it’s scheduled against another good show.




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