Baltimore Comic-Con 2008: Bigger and Better Than Ever

It’s already become a blur, but I had a terrific time at the Baltimore Comic-Con this past weekend. Between catching up with friends and staff duties, aside from the Harvey Awards (where I helped with the ceremony), I don’t know any of the news or announcements.

Nick Cardy: Behind The Art cover
Nick Cardy: Behind The Art
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But KC and I had the pleasure of meeting Darwyn Cooke and his wife Marsha, where we got one of the few last copies of his sketchbook Retroactive. We’d brought our copy of the Absolute New Frontier to get signed, the only book we dragged along from home. We were praising it to him, when he responded that it was a shame that it had been out of print for over a year, including when the DVD adaptation came out. That seems foolhardy on DC’s part, but believable.

I greatly enjoyed congratulating Nick Cardy on his Lifetime Achievement Award. The actual award has a Hero Initative logo on one side and an embossed version of a classic cover done by the artist on the other. In Nick’s case, it was Bat Lash #2, the image of Bat Lash hiding behind a tombstone. When he saw it, he said he wanted to take it home and make cookies with it.

He’s a wonderfully charming man; it’s hard to believe he’s almost 90. I also had him sign a copy of the upcoming Nick Cardy: Behind The Art, a gorgeous book that TwoMorrows had advance copies of. Here’s a picture of him with my friend Roger Ash, showing off a Bat Lash sketch he’d just drawn.

Nick Cardy and Roger

Elsewhere, I did finally get to meet Scott Kurtz, who with Kris Straub, Brad Guigar, and Dave Kellett, was very fun to talk to. Scott was kind enough to do me a quick sketch of his Savage Critic character as a momento.

Savage Critic by Kurtz

Sunday was a wind-down. We had a lovely lunch with Tim O’Shea and his new wife Ellen. After that, I started saying goodbye to people. I realized how tired I was when I kept saying “Top Shelf” when I meant “Top Cow”. That’s a pretty weird mistake to make. Got home safe, still enjoying the warmth of the show, can’t wait ’til next year.

4 Responses to “Baltimore Comic-Con 2008: Bigger and Better Than Ever”

  1. Chris G. Says:

    I get the feeling DC has no idea what to do with New Frontier — it’s a stark contrast to the types of comics that dominate their line and Cooke has said in the past that it was only the DVD that got DC to approve the special that came out last year. I imagine there’s a parallel universe out there were Cooke, not Geoff Johns, is the guiding hand of DC’s line. I wonder if that universe does mail-order.

  2. Chad Anderson Says:

    If you find that it does, please post a link. Thanks.

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