DC’s Flash Ring Convention Promos

Flash ring side view

DC brought this year’s cool convention giveaway to Baltimore: Flash rings! Here’s what one looks like, in yellow plastic with sculpted lightning bolt on top. (Apologies for my fuzzy photos.)

Flash ring

Looked at from the side, you can see that they even sculpted some height into it, as would be necessary for a piece of jewelry that contained a costume, no matter how compressed.

10 Responses to “DC’s Flash Ring Convention Promos”

  1. Rob S. Says:

    Okay, that?

    That I need.

  2. Adam Says:

    I picked up one of those along with a Green Lantern ring at DC’s booth at Comic-Con this year. All we need now are Legion flight rings for whenever they decide to relaunch the Legion again!

  3. Johanna Says:

    They’ve done those before, although it was a long while ago, haven’t they?

  4. David Oakes Says:

    A little white and blue paint, it also makes a great Freeze Ring when your youngest – after seeing his older brother’s GL ring – decides that “Iceman” needs to shoot “Freeze Blasts”.

  5. Dave Rose Says:

    I’ve got some of the Green Lantern glow in the dark rings from years ago.

    This year, for Halloween, I’m giving out metal Phantom Skull rings. These will definitely beat whatever candy they get. :)

  6. Michael Grabois Says:

    If you look really closely at the 3:00 or 9:00 position (along the side of the ring, depending how you hold it), there’s a little button sticking out. When you push that button, the top of the ring opens and a costume flies out.

    At least, that’s what Dan Didio said at a panel in San Diego. The ring I got was apparently defective, when I push the button, nothing happens.

  7. Dwight Williams Says:

    Now that’s a pity. :-(

  8. Michael Grabois Says:

    Oh, and they also had GL rings at San Diego, similar in style and quality to the Flash ring seen above. The glow-in-the-dark ring that Dave describes, from the “GL: Mosaic” series years ago, is way cooler and much higher quality.

  9. Dave Rose Says:

    Yes, the glow-in-the-dark ring are cool.

    The kids (and I) loved to use a light bulb to charge our rings – reciting the Green Lantern oath, of course – then turn out the lights to watch our power rings glow – with power! :)

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