The Odd Squad #1

Writers Nick Capetanakis and Todd Livingston have reteamed with the Fraim Brothers, Brendon and Brian, for a new miniseries. (They previously did America Jr. together.) The Odd Squad is kind of like Eureka, only more paranormal comedy, less science fiction.

Odd Squad #1

Page one features a naked man, for a nice, eye-catching change of pace. (See a preview at the publisher’s website that shows what I’m talking about.) He’s the President’s son, and he demands to be locked up before he changes into an animal.

The main character is Charlotte Springs, a UFO investigator who often ticks off the government. She recruits a lovable group of misfits and losers — a Vegas psychic, her tagalong younger sister, a geeky grad student — to rescue the son and find out what’s really going on.

The Fraim’s art can be stiff, and the writers are shoving way too much text into every panel, but I like this comic. The panel that won me over was the one where the straight-ass government guy tells the blonde sister, “I thought you weren’t paying attention.” She responds, rolling her eyes and making air quotes, “It’s called ‘multi-tasking’.”

The writing is dense, with plenty of wisecracks, which sometimes fit, sometimes don’t, and the exposition occurs in great lumps. The characters are inviting, though, and I want to know what’s up with the bee-woman (a striking visual). Plus, when the funny works, it makes me laugh.

It’s also refreshing to be complaining about too much going on in a comic instead of nothing much. It’s pretty clearly a movie/TV pilot in comic form, but I’d like to read more. The Fraims have more information at their website.

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  2. Evie Says:

    I thought this was great… and did you notice it’s “executive produced” by the guy who created America’s Funniest Home Videos??




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