SLG Accepts Digital Submissions

Over the past couple of years, SLG Publishing has consistently raised the bar in terms of forward-looking promotion and distribution strategies. Probably because of their small size, they’re willing to try new things. Their latest initiative: accepting submissions digitally.

At a time when many publishers, both big and small, refuse to accept unsolicited submissions at all due to legal fears and/or lack of time and interest, SLG has once again made a major step forward.

Be sure to read and follow their submission guidelines, especially this one:

When you send a submission by email, please make your cover letter the body of the email and include all the material (except the self-addressed stamped envelope) in one PDF file that is no larger than 10 megabytes. … Do not send more than one attachment or direct us to a website to see your comic.

(You might also want to check out the editor’s comments on what she’s looking, and not looking, for.)

Why make this change? A combination of altruistic and selfish reasons:

I was motivated to try this out not only to save paper, but to get a wider variety of submissions. (I’m hoping it will cut down on the frustration of crazy packaging, huge print outs, and envelopes full of stickers, as well.)

And I really admire this statement, about what creators should expect to make financially:

All books published by SLG are creator-owned — that is, they remain the property of the creator. We do not pay advances or page rates; all creators are paid a royalty — a percentage based upon the number of copies sold. The terms of our contracts are confidential and between ourselves and our creators. Do not call or email to find out how much you would be paid or would make if we publish your book. We always hope creators will make money from their books, but this is a small industry, and that doesn’t happen too often.

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