PR: What Not to Do: Screwing up the Political Basics

Bluewater Productions is trying to jump on IDW’s bandwagon by putting out a Hillary Clinton comic book that looks just like IDW’s Barack Obama and John McCain comics.

Only today they had to release a corrected cover … because they got the number of stripes on the American flag wrong. The original cover is on the left, with the new one on the right.

Our flag has 13 stripes, not 14. Note that they also addressed criticisms that the face didn’t really resemble Senator Clinton, although that wasn’t mentioned in the press release. Here are some excerpts:

Bluewater Productions has replaced the cover art for their forthcoming comic book featuring Senator Hilary Clinton. … Female Force: Hilary Clinton is the first in a series of non-partisan comic books portraying influential and important American women who have shaped, and continue to shape, the political and social landscape of the country. The title will be a quarterly series.

Next, maybe they can figure out that her name has 2 Ls? Notice that it is correct on the cover itself. I am interested to hear that this is first in a series, though. I’m very curious to see who else will be covered.

9 Responses to “PR: What Not to Do: Screwing up the Political Basics”

  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Getting the number of stripes wrong on the US flag is such a stupid mistake, that is undermines any credibility the publisher hoped for the series.

  2. kjchen Says:

    It’s not an artwork error, it’s a rare variant edition.

  3. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Kjchen, so it’s a cover shipped in from an alternate universe where the US originally had fourteen founding states? Wow, that is a rare collector’s item. Now I’m going out and getting two of the variant edition ;-}

  4. grlpatriot Says:

    That is a silly mistake. However, I’m glad they made it because the cover art for the redo is much better. I’m relieved to see that she isn’t in any kind of demeaning outfit or pose.

    I actually like the fact that Bluewater is imitating the Presidential Comics covers (even though Kevin disagrees). Like Hillary during the Democratic Presidential primaries, it makes a statement for equality. She did win the popular vote after all and only 17 pledge delegates separated them. Some may argue that she deserves to be on the Presidential Comics cover, not Obama. Good for Bluewater. I look forward to their release in January 2009.

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