Tim Talks to Paul Sizer

Isn’t it nice when friends get along? Tim O’Shea interviewed Paul Sizer about his new graphic novel BPM. Tim always asks interesting, in-depth questions geared to whomever he’s talking to instead of following a standard format, so it’s a conversation worth reading. (Like me, Tim was also a beta reader of the book.)

One Response to “Tim Talks to Paul Sizer”

  1. Paul Sizer Says:

    Great to see you at SPX, Johanna, albeit a short “Hello!” Jane and I had a GREAT con, and I met with many, many people who really dug BPM and *SHOCK* dumped money on my table to purchase it! Given the economic crunch, that made me very happy. I also hooked up with members of the sizable Washington DC dance club culture, talking with some DJs at local clubs who also like comics! THAT is my target demographic right there, and lo and behold, they were at SPX!
    TIm’s interview is great, he DOES ask questions that sound like you’re talking to a friend on your front porch, and he always coaxes out great answers!




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