Indiana Jones Crystal Skull DVD Exclusives
October 8, 2008
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull cover
Indiana Jones and the
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will be out next Tuesday, October 14, on DVD and Blu-ray. As is common these days, there are a variety of exclusive editions to attempt to convince you to buy from a particular retailer, or perhaps even to buy more than one in order to get the extra goodies. (Does anyone do that?)

Circuit City has two lithographs of concept art from the movie. Fye and Suncoast have their usual Steelbook packaging.

Crystal Skull Best Buy exclusive

Best Buy’s gift set comes with the Special Edition DVD, a replica crystal skull from Sideshow Collectibles, and a $25 gift card to Sideshowcollectibles.com, all for $40. They’re pricing the Special Edition at $23, so if you want something else from Sideshow, that’s not a bad deal. Then again, I suspect there’s nothing you can get there for under $25, so you’re going to be giving them more money however it works out.

Target’s version comes with a mini hardcover book (the size of a DVD case) with “80 pages of behind-the-scenes photos, including many never-before-published images”.

Kmart and Sears have four LEGO mini-posters, each mimicking one of the four original theatrical posters for the movies in the series. (Kind of makes you realize how much times have changed between the first three and this one, given the different visual look.)

Indy Lego posters

Plus, if you have a Papa John’s nearby, they’re currently doing a deal where every pizza comes with a $3 off coupon for the DVD.

6 Responses  
Dave Rose writes:  

How does this movie compare with the first and third movies in the series (I didn’t care for #2)?

I haven’t seen it yet. I heard some mixed reviews when it came out but nothing very specific other than the ending was lame.

I’d appreciate any opinions.

Some of these bonus items are cool, but If this film is anything like The Temple of Doom I think I’ll pass.

Johanna writes:  

My review of it is in the first link of the piece. The first is definitely much much better. I’m trying to recall the third and not having much luck.

Dave Rose writes:  


Thanks for the review. It doesn’t sound particularly special, so I’ll probably just rent it.

I’m sorry I didn’t click on the link earlier. I guess I’ve gotten out of the habit of clicking on the links in articles as so many of them lead to advertising. I should have known your links would have more substance.

By the way, the third movie was the one with Sean Connery as Indy’s father.

Adam Hughes writes:  

Johanna, just read your review. Very interesting to read, as your critical reviews are always smart and well-though-out, but I was intrigued because your comments on this page and the review page lead me to believe your not an Indy fan. More likely, a filmgoer who has happened to have seen and enjoyed a few Indy films. I only say this because I am a Indy nut, and the only reviews I heard of the film came from fellow Indy nuts.
Great review!

Johanna writes:  

Thanks! It’s true, I wouldn’t call myself a fan — I’ve enjoyed a couple of the movies, some more than others, but I wouldn’t feel a loss if I never saw them again. I’m glad you found my comments interesting anyway.

And Dave, I feel like an idiot. I have no idea why I couldn’t remember, “We named the dog Indiana” last night.

Adam Hughes writes:  

That’s how I think the film’s success happened…. casual Indy filmgoers, not having the personal & emotional investment in the films that a fan does, could take or leave the new film, and therefore had a generally good time. Fans who have a stake in things are more likely to be outraged at failures or excesses, and will be harder to please.


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