Wonder Woman Book Coming!

Andy Mangels has a page on his website about the upcoming Wonder Woman Companion. Contrary to the Amazon (heh) date information, it’s not out yet. It’s due next year at $34.95 from TwoMorrows. It’s promised to be an

Wonder Woman Companion

in-depth guide to the history of Wonder Woman’s Golden Age, including the fantasy, the politics, and the controversies, as well as an intimate look at her creators, William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter. [In addition to covering the TV series,] the effect of the Amazing Amazon on the women’s movement will be explored, from women’s lib to an exploration of the little-known philanthropic organization, the Wonder Woman Foundation. A modern-day look at the relaunch of the series in the 1980s will spotlight creators such as George Perez, John Byrne, Brian Bolland, Phil Jimenez, Greg Rucka, Allan Heinberg, Terry Dodson, Gail Simone, and Adam Hughes, while an in-depth look at the long development of the Wonder Woman feature film will reveal a Paradise Island full of surprises!

Sounds terrific! I’m surprised, though, that they aren’t calling it the Paradise Island Companion or something, like they did with Superman (The Krypton Companion) and Batman (The Batcave Companion).

Update: The book was cancelled.

16 Responses to “Wonder Woman Book Coming!”

  1. Dave Rose Says:

    I think more potential readers have heard of Krypton and the Batcave than of Paradise Island.

    Although I agree it would be a good idea to maintain the theme begun with the titles of the first two books.

  2. Nat Gertler Says:

    I’m split between the “Paradise Island isn’t known” explanation that Dave gives, and “Batman Companion and Superman Companion sound like male-gayness, and that’s bad in the market, but Wonder Woman companion sounds like female-gayness, and that ain’t so bad.”

  3. Dwight Williams Says:

    Except that purists of the modern sort would be pushing for the “Themyscira Companion”. And how many of the North American anglophone general public know how to pronounce “Themyscira”, regardless of their IQ levels? I’m not exactly an idiot, and I’m still not sure myself!

  4. Dwight Williams Says:

    That said, good choice for cover art.

  5. Dave Rose Says:

    True, I’d like to buy just the cover. :)

  6. Johanna Says:

    I always thought DC prohibited them from using the names Superman and Batman, and this was a compromise, but Nat’s explanation has an odd ring of plausibility.

  7. Dave Rose Says:

    At the risk of sounding naive, why do Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman Companions sound “gayish”?

  8. Guy Smiley Says:

    Since the Perez relaunch, I’ve been a big WW fan. Not thrilled with the current relaunch, in terms of the new status quo, but think Gail Simone is doing a very good job in that environment. If this book doesn’t flinch from Marston’s unusual personal side,* and seems to present a thoughtful treatment of the last 20 years’ ups and downs, I’ll definitely buy the thing, whereas Superman and Batman companions just … do not hit me where my wallet lives.

    And yeah, nice cover.

    * Something I’ve always wanted to see in a history of WW — apparently the Marstons’ “companion” (that word again, with all its alleged overtones), Olive Byrne, was the visual inspiration for Diana, yet I’ve never seen a picture, and I can’t help but be curious. Be nice if this book delivers that little historical detail …

  9. Johanna Says:

    To see Olive Byrne, you want the just-released DC Vault (review coming soon), which has a picture of her. And yes, they don’t seem to shy away from Marston’s personal eccentricities, at least in that volume.

  10. Nat Gertler Says:

    “At the risk of sounding naive, why do Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman Companions sound “gayish”?”

    “Companion” has oft been used as a somewhat obscured reference to someone’s gay partner. Used to be if you saw a reference to a “longtime companion” in an obituary, that’s what they meant. (Longtime relations of the opposite sex could be referred to as boyfriend/girlfriend/romantic interest/whatever.)

    Add that to the gay overtones some people see in the superhero genre in general and particularly Batman and Robin in specific, and there ya go.

  11. Kelson Says:

    Most of TwoMorrows’ other Companion books just use the names of the characters, though: The Flash Companion, The Hawkman Companion, The Blue Beetle Companion, The Titans Companion, The Legion Companion, etc.

    So whatever the reason they used the Krypton and Batcave names, it must be specific to Superman and Batman.

  12. Johanna Says:

    The difference I see there? Superman and Batman have movies, the others don’t.

  13. Evie Says:

    This looks lovely… and the cover art is so classy, no big block letters and such that are on the cover of every comics-related book ever.

  14. Eric Says:

    How is this book different from the Lee Daniels book, Wonder Woman: The Complete History? Which was, btw, terrific.

  15. Johanna Says:

    The Daniels book was officially licensed from DC. The TwoMorrows book will likely just be approved by them. I’m not sure how significant that is.

  16. Wonder Woman Companion Cancelled » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] couple of months ago, I was excited to hear about TwoMorrows’ Wonder Woman Companion by Andy Mangels. Now, I’ve noticed that it’s been cancelled: WONDER WOMAN COMPANION […]




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