Harassment – Forgotten Already?

It’s been two months since much was made of the San Diego Con’s lack of a harassment policy. The convention staff didn’t respond to questions, and no action was known to have been taken as a result of the blogverse raising the issue. (Although it’s possible that this will fit into planning for next year for some way, and we won’t know until later if changes were made.)

So what now? I tried to ask John DiBello, the originator, what he wanted to have happen and what his expectations were, but my emails must not be getting through to him. What’s the next step? What can be done, if anything? Is this just another example of an online ten days’ wonder?

7 Responses to “Harassment – Forgotten Already?”

  1. David Wynne Says:

    I take it you’ve not heard of Girl Wonder’s Con Anti-Harrassment Project, then: http://www.cahp.girl-wonder.org/

  2. Johanna Says:

    Has that had any actual effect, or is it just a collection of online links?

  3. Charles RB Says:

    There’s the ongoing Back-Up Project – http://www.backupproject.org/ – but I’m not sure how large and visible they are at cons.

  4. Johanna Says:

    I haven’t seen them, but then, you’d hope you wouldn’t have to.

  5. Johanna Says:

    I was asking this question because I was trying to get at whether all this justified outrage had any effect, and whether it was a valuable way to attempt to change things.

    On the one hand, even bringing more awareness to the issue is a net plus; on the other, one doesn’t want to be considered sound and fury with no result.

  6. Charles RB Says:

    I admittedly did see them at DragonCon, but the presence was some info leaflets on the Girl Wonder table (which I didn’t know existed until Sunday due to its placement). I’d hope it and other discussion had more people looking out for each other at the con, but I dunno how you could measure that on sight.

  7. David Wynne Says:

    Has that had any actual effect, or is it just a collection of online links?

    It’s hard to say, obviously. I know that there have been quite a few people writing to con organisers asking if they have a harassment policy, and if so what it is (myself among them) and then forwarding that information to the public database. I’d like to think that this would help motivate con organisers into acting, but as to whether it has or not… well, I guess you’d have to ask them.

    I do wish there was more widespread publicity about CAHP, since that would certainly make it more effective… but short of spamming the newsarama boards or something, I don’t see how Girl Wonder could do much more to facilitate that.




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