Catching up on Comics: Love and Capes, Perhapanauts, Supernatural Law, The 3 Geeks

It’s a rare day when I can kick back and do nothing but read comics, so I used the time to catch up on some favorite comic series that I still read as issues.

Love and Capes

Love and Capes 8

Ah, this makes me happy. Issue #8 is more great romantic superhero comedy. I was laughing from the cover, where Darkblade shakes down the artist to get featured on the cover. As the issue opens, Abby is having a hard time letting her sister Charlotte go study in Paris. Abby’s got her own concerns, though, as she’s planning her wedding to Mark, aka the Crusader.

It’s the little things that make this so funny to me. Like Mark telling Abby she should wear dresses more often, while she has to cope with the wind gusts his rapid flying departures cause. It’s those details of life with a superhero that the comedy stems from. And you can tell Thom Zahler has a deep knowledge of and fondness for the hero type, or he wouldn’t be able to highlight these details so effectively. Or come up with such a twist on a classic cliffhanger. (I have to wait until January for more?!?)

Mostly, though, the appeal for me is how realistic Abby and Mark’s relationship is. They act like two adults deeply in love and figuring out how to make their lives work together, with friends and family and occupations. I love it.

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Perhapanauts 3

Issue #3 has, within a framing sequence, three short stories featuring some of the best characters in the series — but then I realize that most of the characters are interesting to me, and I want to know more about all of them. So anyway… regular artist Craig Rousseau (Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane) draws the first one, about what sasquatch-man Big does on his week off. He’s accompanied this time by water-sprite Merrow, whom I don’t recall seeing before but quickly came to love, due to her quiet confidence and calm demeanor.

Kelly Yates then draws an origin story for her, a short but touching romantic piece that evokes ancient tales. That’s followed by comedy drawn by Tad Stones. Choopie, amusing in his own right, has been selected as king by a race of gremlins for no known reason. By the end, they turn out to have their own catchphrase and potential utility to the team. Funny, emotional, and significant, all in one issue, all written by Todd Dezago.

Perhapanauts 4

Issue #4 sets up the next issue conclusion of the first major storyline, as Arisa and MG get closer before the whole place bugs out. There’s more than one villain trying to destory the team, and a cliffhanger, of course, plus an action-packed backup with art by Jason Armstrong. It’s gonna be really hard to wait for #5.

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Supernatural Law

Supernatural Law 45

Issue #45 guest-stars the Toxic Avenger in a Tromaville comic crossover. I’ve never seen those movies, so I can’t speak to how faithful it is, but with “Toxie” on trial for being a public nuisance, the two properties blend well. After being a town hero, Toxie finds that the people have turned on him in a story narrated by “Judge” Lloyd Kaufman (real-life Troma President and jack-of-all-trades). Turns out that it’s really all a plot by an evil developer wanting to repossess his junkyard. So it becomes an almost-superhero tale, although with a different kind of fight for justice than usual.

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The 3 Geeks

I was stunned to see a special Baltimore Comic-Con edition of this title by Rich Koslowski, since I last saw an issue of it back in 2001. I’d enjoyed his humor about stereotypical comic fans, but he’s even funnier in public (and very nice to boot). This issue takes on the madness of CGC collectors, those who seal their precious comics up in little plastic slabs. The image of fanboy Allen building himself a kind of igloo out of all his slabbed comics was hilarious. And then it takes a more fantastic turn, to be continued…

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8 Responses to “Catching up on Comics: Love and Capes, Perhapanauts, Supernatural Law, The 3 Geeks”

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    […] Read the full review here. […]

  2. James Schee Says:

    Ignoring the Love and Capes review for now, since I have the last 5 issues on my way to me.

    Also not glancing at the Perhapanauts review, since I just bought the first collection today.

    Yet Three Geeks?? Wow now is THAT a blast from the past!! I’ll have to see about getting that issue somehow as it was one of my first ventures out of the big 2.

    Wow a new Three Geeks, dang maybe there’s hope of new Xeno’s Galaxy, more Akiko comics and some new comics from Leland Purvis or Lawrence Marvrit at some point.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Ah, you’re making me nostalgic. Such good comics those were.

  4. Rob Vollmar Says:


    Lee Purvis just turned in some great work on an educational comic about the Revolutionary War called the Sons of Liberty. Maybe released under the publishing rubric Turning Points or something like that?

  5. kjchen Says:

    James, did you mean Xeno’s Arrow by Stephen Geigen-Miller and Greg Beettam? Because it appears to have gone the webcomic route:, and though the site looks current, it appears that they’re still publishing previously-in-print material.

  6. James Schee Says:

    Cool, thanks Rob I’ll have to look into that!

    kjchen, yeah I can’t believe I messed up the name. Especially since I was lucky to have dinner with Stephen and Greg (as well as the creator of Galaxion and Thieves & Kings) at my first ever convention.

    Cool, I hope they do have some new material up there at some point. Though at least I can reread the older stuff, since I don’t have them anymore. (hurricane Rita)

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