Bluewater’s Next Female Politico Comic: Sarah Palin

When Bluewater announced they were correcting their Hilary Clinton comic, they also said that they’d be doing more in their Female Force series about “influential and important American women who have shaped, and continue to shape, the political and social landscape of the country”. I should have guessed who their next choice would be. Yes, it’s Republican Governor and VP Nominee Sarah Palin. (Best cover yet, by Patricio Carbajal.)

Sarah Palin comic cover

Palin’s life story from PTA president to the Alaska governorship to her surprise nomination as John McCain’s running mate is scheduled to be the second story in the recently announced “Female Force” comic. A final chapter is yet to be written. …

Scheduled for a February 2009 release, a month after Inauguration Day, there will be two prepared endings readied for print. One if Palin and Senator John McCain are successful in capturing the White House and another if their bid fails. The 32-page book promises to be an evenhanded perspective of Palin’s life and accomplishments.

The Clinton comic is due out in January. The Female Force series was originally announced as quarterly, but I guess they’re accelerating the release schedule to capitalize on interest. That extra ending should make a good extra for the collected edition. As for the future, Bluewater president Darren Davis says,

“We are already looking at several candidates for our third biography. I think you will be surprised who we are leaning towards.”

Geraldine Ferraro? Condoleezza Rice? Nancy Pelosi? I wish women had better political role models.

9 Responses to “Bluewater’s Next Female Politico Comic: Sarah Palin”

  1. Melinda Beasi Says:

    I wish women had better political role models.

    Hear hear!

  2. Marc-Oliver Frisch Says:

    Are they paying a fee to IDW for the trade dress?

  3. Tommy Raiko Says:

    I kinda hate myself for being so nitpicky as to say this, but on the other hand, Bluewater started it when their initial cover image for the Hillary Clinton had the wrong number of stripes on the U.S. flag…

    On that cover, is Palin supposed to be standing in front of a real U.S. flag? Because, if so, they’ve made another error. On that cover, I count either nine or ten stripes that run the full length of the flag, below the blue starfield (the union.)

    In reality, the U.S. flag has only six stripes that run the full length of the flag. (The other seven stripes at the top of the flag run three-fifths of the length of the flag, with the union taking up the remaining two-fifths-of-the-flag-length in space.)

    Naturally, you have to cut artists some slack sometimes when it comes to verisimilitude. But, like the previous error, this is the kind of thing that they could easily have gotten right if their artist had good reference.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Ha, that is pretty hilarious.

  5. Nat Gertler Says:

    Having the extra “lost” pages for the TPB would seem the only reason to have both endings drawn. After all, the election will be three months before the book is due to ship; even if they’re using overseas printing, they should have time to draw the ending after the election (barring the unlikelihood of a repeat of the 2000 election).

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  7. Chet Says:

    Great role model and hopefully next President.

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