Looney Tunes Spotlight Cartoon Clip
October 24, 2008

The sixth volume of the Looney Tunes: Golden Collection came out this week, and KC is busy enjoying it. The Golden Collections are wonderful packages, with four discs of cartoons, lots of extras, including commentaries, and little-seen rarities for the adult collector. Unfortunately, this is the last in the series, although Warner has said that there will be more cartoon releases in 2009, just under a different label.

Looney Tunes: Golden Collection Volume 6 cover
Looney Tunes: Golden Collection Volume 6
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Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection Volume 6 cover
Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection Volume 6
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I didn’t realize that, every time Warner puts out a collector’s Golden set, they also release a corresponding Spotlight collection aimed at all ages. The Spotlights are two discs of just the cartoons of interest to a general audience. Here’s a clip from one of them, featuring Porky trying to camp while being bedeviled by Daffy. Just check out the astounding animation! It’s a wonderful reminder of why the Warner Bros Looney Tunes cartoons have lasted this long.

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odessa steps magazine writes:  

I wish they would re-release those “golden age of looney tunes” Laserdiscs on DVD.

Eric Gimlin writes:  

I want every Looney Tunes/ Merry Melodies eventually; but the 6 sets are an incredible starting point. And they’re all unedited; if the cartoons were fun in the mangled form we got them on Saturday morning they’re even better like this.

And at least the Golden Collections, unlike Disney’s Treasuries, are unlimited editions- not that I’ve ever missed one of the Looney Tunes on release day, unlike some of the Disneys. (I finally filled in the releases with cartoons from the first two waves, but they were not cheap.)

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