Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk is a webcomic by Vincent LaBate (writer) and Braden D. Lamb (artist and creator) about a female pilot in 1930s Seattle.

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I like historical comics about distinctive eras because, if the creators are on the ball, it’s a wonderful use of the medium, with visuals contributing to the feel of the setting. They haven’t gotten heavily into the time period yet, but I liked the train station scenes.

There are only 15 pages so far — the whole thing starts here, although the first three pages have a different feel from the others. I like best Old Bones, just a short scene (two pages) showing her interaction with her aunt and dog.

New pages are put up in batches of two or three weekly. There’s a lot of potential — I hope it keeps going.

3 Responses to “Kitty Hawk”

  1. Edward Welbourne Says:

    2010/April/24: appears to be down and the comic hadn’t updated for several months, last time I checked :-(

  2. Johanna Says:

    Bummer. Well, that was a year and a half ago, and some webcomic creators give it up after trying for a while. It takes dedication and patience to make a success in comics.

  3. Edward Welbourne Says:

    Hmm … looks like the site’s back now.
    No new posts, but we’re used to that …




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