Transmetropolitan Revamp Plan Changes

DC stated today that their plans to reissue the Transmetropolitan collections, first announced almost two years ago, have changed.

Previously, they were going to combine the first two books into one. Now, they’re just rearranging the material to better balance the sizes of the books. Instead of 3 and 9 issues, it’ll be 6 and 6. That means that they won’t have to renumber all the following volumes.

Book 0 (collecting two special issues) is being combined with book 10, as previously announced, but it’s staying number 10 instead of becoming 9. Plus, they’re moving a Vertigo’s Edge story from book 3 to book 4. That seems like a small change, but I don’t know the stories. The full announcement follows, with proposed release dates.

This is a good example of why book collections should be thought through from the beginning. Once a book is in print, it should stay there, and trying to reconfigure a series on the fly just causes confusion and stocking issues.

The TRANSMETROPOLITAN VOL. 1: BACK ON THE STREET NEW EDITION TP now will include issues #1-6 of the original series, which were previously available in volumes 1 and 2 of the collected editions. It will be advance-solicited in the December Previews to arrive in stores in March.

Following that, the TRANSMETROPOLITAN VOL. 2: LUST FOR LIFE NEW EDITION TP now will include issue #7-12 of the original series; this title previously collected issues #4-12. It is scheduled to arrive in stores in May.

The TRANSMETROPOLITAN VOL. 3: YEAR OF THE BASTARD NEW EDITION TP now will include issues #13-18 of the series; this title previously collected these issues as well as a story from VERTIGO WINTER’S EDGE #2. It is scheduled to arrive in stores in August.

The TRANSMETROPOLITAN VOL. 4: THE NEW SCUM NEW EDITION TP now will include issues #19-24 of the series, as well as the story from VERTIGO WINTER’S EDGE #3 and the addition of the story from VERTIGO WINTER’S EDGE #2. In-store date for VOL. 4 will be announced later.

The TRANSMETROPOLITAN VOL. 10: ONE MORE TIME NEW EDITION TP now will include issues #55-60 of the series, as well as the Specials TRANSMETROPOLITAN: I HATE IT HERE and TRANSMETROPOLITAN: FILTH OF THE CITY. The specials were previously available in TRANSMETROPOLITAN VOL. 0: TALES OF HUMAN WASTE; This volume will no longer be available once current stock is gone. In-store date for VOL. 10 will be announced later.

These volumes are being reconfigured due to retailer requests for a more consistent page count in the series’ early volumes. Please note that this supersedes the previous announcement regarding this series. Volumes 5-9 will remain in print in their current configuration.

10 Responses to “Transmetropolitan Revamp Plan Changes”

  1. thekamisama Says:

    So this format change is centered more from retail input than say, Warren and Darick, or readers? Smacks more of wanting higher price points on steady selling backstock items than an interest in the continuity of the material. I would love to know what the sales do with the reformatting, because the low price of the first volume of Transmet seems to help hook most new readers into trying it.

  2. Mayank Says:

    Long time reader, commenting here for first time.. If they are FIRST going to goof around with TPB’s.. are we not going to get Absolute Transmet anytime soon?

  3. Johanna Says:

    Has there ever been a serious possibility of Absolute Transmet? I mean, I know some fans want it, but I don’t recall hearing anything more. Welcome, by the way, thanks for contributing.

    Thekamisama: But is only three issues in that first collection really satisfying? Balancing the books in size seems reasonable to me.

  4. jamesmith3 Says:

    Having only 3 books in the first collection may be preferable if you’re not sure you’ll like the title– it’s a cheaper risk.

    I’m no expert on printing, but isn’t this series too long to collect into a single Absolute edition? “Locas” and “Palomar” aren’t as long as “Transmet” (I think) and both are big enough to kill a man.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Sure, it’s cheaper, but it’s not a very representative sample. In my case, for example, I didn’t click with the series until issue 5.

    Oh, there’s no way this could be a single Absolute — it ran 60 issues.

  6. Rob McMonigal Says:

    Oh this is maddening. This feels like just a cheap way to make people buy the trades all over again.

    Between this, canceling Minx, a crisis every five minutes, and writing some of the most violent comics on their title books, I am beginning to think DC is purposefully trying to piss off comics readers.

  7. Johanna Says:

    I don’t think so. I think it’s more a way to make the series make sense to new readers they hope to keep attracting in future years. They did a very small rebalancing among the Sandman trades way back when (moving issue 8 from one to another), and this seems like just the same thing on a slightly larger scale.

  8. Craig Welsh Says:

    Why don’t they just do hardcover versions like they’re doing with Y and Starman? I understand not wanting to come out with $100 Absolute editions, but the Starman HC format would work perfectly fine for Transmet.

    Very frustrating. I have the singles, but held off buying any collections in the hopes DC would come out with a nice collection, as opposed to whatever this confusing mess is.

  9. Johanna Says:

    How long did it take between final issue and the Starman project announcement? Maybe we just have to wait another 5 years or so for Transmet hardcovers. :)

  10. MrSheen Says:

    Anyone know if the reprints are similar quality to the originals?




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