Viz Anthologies Cover Video Games, Include Girls

The December issues of Viz’s manga anthologies Shonen Jump (on sale November 4) and Shojo Beat (on sale November 18) will include coverage of video games. As they say in their press release:

There is a strong inter-relationship between manga, anime and video gaming, as one genre often influences the others; millions of manga and anime fans across North America are also avid gamers.

Shonen Jump December 2008

There’s also a sweepstakes to win a Nintendo Wii game system, one winner for each title. Entries will be accepted via mail or the websites (linked above). Here’s more information on the Shonen Jump plans:

The December issue … will include a special extended “Games We Love” section that announces the magazine’s first-ever game awards for 2008. The section will also look back at some of the biggest video game news and events that shaped the year, giving an overview of the state of PC gaming, the rise of the iPhone as a new gaming platform, the popularity of downloadable games, and the competition among the newest game consoles, including the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. The extended section will also have reviews of current video games. The issue is also filled with of the latest information on the hit SHONEN JUMP Naruto games from Namco Bandai, TOMY and Ubisoft.

Ding ding ding! I think that last sentence is significant — it’s an opportunity for cross-promotion! But while I’m not surprised to see a magazine aimed at young men covering games, I was THRILLED to see the same thing for the girls!

Shojo Beat December 2008

SHOJO BEAT will similarly cover an array of the best and most anticipated new game titles for the 2008 holiday season hand picked for girl gamers in every genre from music to action adventure and RPG’s, including Wii Music and Mirror’s Edge. SHOJO BEAT also names its “Top 7 Video Game Heroines,” recognizing the growing strength and appeal of female game characters. As a very special bonus, the issue will further highlight video games in the burgeoning vampire entertainment genre with coverage of hot new vampire-themed titles such as Castlevania from Konami and the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice game from 505 games. Those vampire-game stories tie in with the magazine’s inclusion of the Official Guide to VAMPIRE KNIGHT, the best-selling shojo manga series, and SHOJO BEAT’s most popular serialized title. This special 11-page section will include a detailed timeline of key storylines, a two-page chart of VAMPIRE KNIGHT’S complex cast of characters, expert answers to reader questions, a look at the new VAMPIRE KNIGHT anime in Japan, and much more.

Yes! They are recognizing girl gamers! And they’re even promoting themselves for doing so:

Together SHONEN JUMP and SHOJO BEAT reach approximately 2 million readers each month and nearly all readers play/own video games. Given the fact that SHOJO BEAT readership is 96% female, this number is even more impressive as it is the only publication where one can find such a high composition of female video game players.

Good for them!


  1. This is pretty much a no-brainer. The Japanese Jump has covered video games for years. It’ll often have the first screenshots of big-name titles like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.

    Heck, it was instrumental in creating the original Dragon Quest. So yeah, this is a perfectly logical step for the American Jump.

  2. For awhile, was one of the 4% of male readers of Shojo, but I didn’t have enough $$ at the time to continue. Good for Viz on this, though. Wish other publishers–DC*caugh**caugh*–would recognize there’s lots of female geeks out there.

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