Rob Walton’s New Webcomic: Chocolate-Face Grace

Rob Walton, author of Ragmop, has launched a new webcomic.

Chocolate-Face Grace is a weekly “comic about a father and daughter, written by a father and daughter.” Rob and his daughter Grace write them together, then Rob draws and posts them. His aim is to “reflect the bond between parent and child as they navigate the chores of daily living, divorce, and homework through fantasy and play.”

2 Responses to “Rob Walton’s New Webcomic: Chocolate-Face Grace”

  1. odessa steps magazine Says:

    I re-read my Ragmop issues a couple months ago and boy, do I miss that book.

  2. Rob Walton Says:

    People! People! Put your old Ragmop comics away. The complete and definitive Ragmop graphic novel was published in 2006. Please tell your friends, family and retailers, and don’t deprive yourselves of seeing how it all ends. Mercy!




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