Horseradish Smashed Potatoes

I suspect many chefs will laugh at me for this recipe, since making mashed potatoes is really simple, but lately, they’ve been a terrific comfort food for two reasons: they taste great, especially when you mash flavor into them, and the mashing helps get out tension.

Take some potatoes, either white or red skin, and chop them into chunks. Boil them in a pot of water for 10-12 minutes with a sprinkle of coarse salt, until they’re tender (squishy). Drain the water.

Potatoes before mashing

From this…

Add butter, a few spoonfuls of sour cream, a splash of milk, and prepared horseradish. Measurements depend on how many potatoes you have and how spicy (due to the horseradish) you like them. For four servings, try 2 pounds of potatoes, a tablespoon of horseradish, two tablespoons of butter, and 1/4 cup each of sour cream and milk.

Potatoes after mashing

… to this

When warming up leftovers, add a splash more milk before putting them in the microwave. I’m having extras tonight with steak and sauteed spinach and mushrooms.

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