Marvel Wants You to Vote

Marvel Comics wants to encourage Americans to vote in tomorrow’s Presidental election. That’s an admirable cause, and an important one. However, I found some of their promotional choices a little odd.

The first announcement included these two images:

Sure, Iron Man is popular because of the movie, but comic fans know that in continuity, he’s an authoritarian leader who doesn’t believe in civil rights.

Howard the Duck, on the other hand, won’t be familiar to many current readers, but older ones know that he was chosen because he once ran for President himself, back in 1976. However, since then, he’s best known as the subject of a legal case over creators’ rights. Which makes him an odd symbol for Marvel Comics to promote, especially since he’s rarely been published recently.

(Not to mention that that’s an odd choice of image in terms of position and framing. But maybe it’s what they had easily available.) Since the announcement, they’re adding new buttons for more heroes, including Thor, a Norse God who presumably doesn’t really care much about who Americans vote for, or maybe even a system of democracy, and Wolverine, who last I remember, was Canadian.

Still, I support the message. Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Marvel Wants You to Vote”

  1. odessa steps magazine Says:

    Why not a Cap button, using that Byrne cover when Cap ran for President?

    Most people don’t probably know he’s dead or have assumed he was brought back to life already.

  2. Anthony Says:

    If this is aimed at all at the general public, they’re certainly familiar with Howard the Duck… as one of the all-time box office flops (that lame mid-80s movie).

  3. Doug Says:

    Why use Howard under the banner, “Be a Hero, Vote”? Everybody knows his campaign slogan was, “Get Down, America!”




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